Giuseppina by Bonaldo

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Delivery time 9 to 12 weeks
Size 18 x 21 x 33h (seat 18h) inches
Made in Italy


A contemporary interpretation of the humble kitchen chair. Continuing in the current trend of modernising classic designs, the kitchen chair has been brought into the 21th Century using contemporary materials (polycarbonate/polyammide) and cutting edge production techniques (injection moulding). The result is an elegant yet practical and resistant dining chair also suitable for outdoor use. Available in boxes of 2 or 4 (of the same color), PRICE IS PER CHAIR

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    Opaque Black (box of 2)  $308 Buy
    Opaque Black (box of 4)  $300 Buy
    Opaque Red (box of 2)  $308 Buy
    Opaque Red (box of 4)  $300 Buy
    Opaque White (box of 2)  $308 Buy
    Opaque White (box of 4)  $300 Buy
    Transparent (box of 2)  $308 Buy
    Transparent Smoke (box of 2)  $308 Buy
    Transparent Smoke (box of 4)  $300 Buy
    Transparent Violet (box of 2)  $308 Buy
    Transparent Violet (box of 4)  $300 Buy