Billiani Furniture

Founded in 1911, Billiani, an esteemed Italian manufacturer, has been creating artisan furniture for over 100 years. With a more than century of accumulated craftsmanship and skill, the brand echoes both contemporary and tradition. With aesthetic true to its origins, it's timeless designs of chairs and furniture of wood and metal are elegantly blended with modern themes. Billiani's iconic designs are a combination of contemporary and classic - it's furniture is alluringly complimentary to any environment, style, and mood. Throughout the years the Billiani factory has integrated superb craftsmanship with industrial innovations. Continuously enriching and evolving, Billiani has partnered with renowned designers Marco Ferreri, and Emilio Nanni – the creator the top Billiani sellers of the decade. Collaborations with distinctive individuals like Werther Toffoloni, and young international designers like Paul Loebach and Daniel Fintz gave its traditional chairs and designs a modern spin. From sophisticated, fresh, to clean and simple, Billiani has the right furniture for all interior design schemes.


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Frisee Stool by Billiani

Billiani Frisee Stool

Corolla Armchair by Billiani

Billiani Corolla Armchair

Drum Stool by Billiani

Billiani Drum Stool

Drum Tables by Billiani

Billiani Drum Tables

We can supply all Billiani products direct from the factory. Please contact us if you require an item that is not listed or a specification we don't show.