The Lapalma Home is not just a theme, it is a choice of style. First of all, Lapalma is a family, an Italian family, and as such began to imagine its future around a kitchen table, or seated on a sofa in the living room. Relaxation, familiarity, the words flow, the dialogue unites, the project comes to life and becomes bigger and bigger one day after the next. And in thinking about the wellbeing that infuses the home and its ways, over the years Lapalma has created a collection of furniture that expresses suppleness and elegance. These products, in the extreme discretion of their lines and in the comfort and beauty of their materials, convey the pleasure of being together and of peacefully being in our element, wherever we find ourselves. The Lapalma home is contemporary, warm, harmonious. It is a home where we can relax on an ADD SOFT sofa and get together around an ADD or FORK table, seated comfortably on a PASS chair, a SEELA, or a LEM stool. And it is a home where everyone can gather together after dinner seated on the AUK1 armchair and resting a book, an iPad or a drink on the YO and JEY cocktail tables. After a starlit night we feel so happy the next morning.



Cut Chair by lapalma

lapalma Cut Chair


Thin Chair by lapalma

lapalma Thin Chair


Jey Table End Table by lapalma

lapalma Jey Table End Table


Screen Screens by lapalma

lapalma Screen Screens


Plus Sofa by lapalma

lapalma Plus Sofa

Seela Chair by lapalma

lapalma Seela Chair

Uno Lounge Chair by lapalma

lapalma Uno Lounge Chair


Auki Lounge Chair by lapalma

lapalma Auki Lounge Chair


Kipu Ottoman by lapalma

lapalma Kipu Ottoman


Miunn Chair by lapalma

lapalma Miunn Chair


Pass Chair by lapalma

lapalma Pass Chair


Kai Chair by lapalma

lapalma Kai Chair


Lem Stool by lapalma

lapalma Lem Stool


Link Chair by lapalma

lapalma Link Chair


We can supply all lapalma products direct from the factory. Please contact us if you require an item that is not listed or a specification we don't show.