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Fiam Italia are industry leaders in the production of modern glass furniture, in fact it is fair to say that they are pioneers in this field. They used skilled craftmanship, research and an in depth knowledge of glass to produce crafted works of art alongside some of the most famous and respected designers in the world. The range of Fiam glass furniture includes coffee tables, dining tables, desks, bookcases, cabinets, end tables, mirrors, consoles, desks and TV units. Fiam recently celebrated 40 years in the furniture industry yet continue to innovate with different methods and technology.


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Caadre Mirror by Fiam

Fiam Caadre Mirror


Luxor Desk by Fiam

Fiam Luxor Desk


Neutra Coffee Table by Fiam

Fiam Neutra Coffee Table


Bright Desk by Fiam

Fiam Bright Desk


Ovidio End Table by Fiam

Fiam Ovidio End Table


Ponte Coffee Table by Fiam

Fiam Ponte Coffee Table


Rialto L Desk by Fiam

Fiam Rialto L Desk


Palladio Cabinet by Fiam

Fiam Palladio Cabinet


Hiroshi Mirror by Fiam

Fiam Hiroshi Mirror


Dama Console Table by Fiam

Fiam Dama Console Table


Rosy Mirror by Fiam

Fiam Rosy Mirror


Toki End Table by Fiam

Fiam Toki End Table


Roy Coffee Table by Fiam

Fiam Roy Coffee Table


Rialto Isola Desk by Fiam

Fiam Rialto Isola Desk


Babelle Cabinet by Fiam

Fiam Babelle Cabinet


Plie Dining Table by Fiam

Fiam Plie Dining Table


Sigmy End Table by Fiam

Fiam Sigmy End Table


Graph Desk by Fiam

Fiam Graph Desk


Macrame End Table by Fiam

Fiam Macrame End Table


Lucy Mirror by Fiam

Fiam Lucy Mirror


Scribe Desk by Fiam

Fiam Scribe Desk


Paesaggi End Table by Fiam

Fiam Paesaggi End Table


Quadra Coffee Table by Fiam

Fiam Quadra Coffee Table


Ragno Dining Table by Fiam

Fiam Ragno Dining Table


Rialto Coffee Table by Fiam

Fiam Rialto Coffee Table


Sahara Dining Table by Fiam

Fiam Sahara Dining Table


Corner Dining Table by Fiam

Fiam Corner Dining Table


Venus Mirror by Fiam

Fiam Venus Mirror


Magique End Table by Fiam

Fiam Magique End Table


Milo End Table by Fiam

Fiam Milo End Table


Mir Mirror by Fiam

Fiam Mir Mirror


Aura Cabinet by Fiam

Fiam Aura Cabinet


Ray Dining Table by Fiam

Fiam Ray Dining Table


Gauss Dining Table by Fiam

Fiam Gauss Dining Table


LLT Dining Table by Fiam

Fiam LLT Dining Table


Vogue Accessory by Fiam

Fiam Vogue Accessory


Flute Coffee Table by Fiam

Fiam Flute Coffee Table


Kayo Dining Table by Fiam

Fiam Kayo Dining Table


Atlas Desk by Fiam

Fiam Atlas Desk


Milo Day Cabinet by Fiam

Fiam Milo Day Cabinet


Bacall Chair by Fiam

Fiam Bacall Chair


Caldeira Mirror by Fiam

Fiam Caldeira Mirror


Elix Accessory by Fiam

Fiam Elix Accessory


Tale Dining Table by Fiam

Fiam Tale Dining Table


Shell Coffee Table by Fiam

Fiam Shell Coffee Table


Cobra Accessory by Fiam

Fiam Cobra Accessory


Grillo End Table by Fiam

Fiam Grillo End Table


Ghost Lounge Chair by Fiam

Fiam Ghost Lounge Chair


Ritratto Mirror by Fiam

Fiam Ritratto Mirror


Konx Coffee Table by Fiam

Fiam Konx Coffee Table


Kamy Chair by Fiam

Fiam Kamy Chair


Dress Chair by Fiam

Fiam Dress Chair


Admiral Mirror by Fiam

Fiam Admiral Mirror


Mirage Mirror by Fiam

Fiam Mirage Mirror


Kighi DiningTable by Fiam

Fiam Kighi DiningTable


Hype Table by Fiam

Fiam Hype Table


Varesina Cabinet by Fiam

Fiam Varesina Cabinet


Christine Mirror by Fiam

Fiam Christine Mirror


Lakes Coffee Table by Fiam

Fiam Lakes Coffee Table


Lollipop Mirror by Fiam

Fiam Lollipop Mirror


Foulard Bookcase by Fiam

Fiam Foulard Bookcase


Babila Bookcase by Fiam

Fiam Babila Bookcase


Dorian Mirror by Fiam

Fiam Dorian Mirror


Lunar Console Table by Fiam

Fiam Lunar Console Table


Mary Mirror by Fiam

Fiam Mary Mirror


Mensole Bookcase by Fiam

Fiam Mensole Bookcase


Waves Dining Table by Fiam

Fiam Waves Dining Table


Phantom Mirror by Fiam

Fiam Phantom Mirror


Caadre TV by Fiam

Fiam Caadre TV


Kathleen Mirror by Fiam

Fiam Kathleen Mirror


Dino Bedside Table by Fiam

Fiam Dino Bedside Table


Pop TV by Fiam

Fiam Pop TV


Reverso Mirror by Fiam

Fiam Reverso Mirror


LLT Console by Fiam

Fiam LLT Console


We can supply all Fiam products direct from the factory. Please contact us if you require an item that is not listed or a specification we don't show.

News on Fiam Glass Furniture

Kristal by Fiam

Kristal by Fiam

Kristal is an ultra-cool TV unit that oozes style. The lines are sleek, strong and minimalist - every part of this product is optimised for functional....

Rialto L by Fiam

Rialto L by Fiam

Rialto L is a contemporary glass office desk from Fiam - the design encapsulates what Fiam sees as the future of the modern workplace or home office. Th....

Atlas by Fiam

Atlas by Fiam

Atlas is a genuinely stunning dining table with a unique eye-catching style. This table is sure to be the centre of attention no matter what the setting....

Dama Console by Fiam

Dama Console by Fiam

Dama is a truly stunning glass console table and a triumph of design and engineering. This beautiful product is made from a single piece of 12mm thick g....

Fiam Celebrates 40th Anniversary

Fiam Celebrates 40th Anniversary

2013 is a landmark year in the history of Fiam - marking 40 years of design in glass - a 1000 year old material with a timeless charm. For Fiam time never....

Award Winning Design from FIAM

Award Winning Design from FIAM

Congratulations are in order for designers designers Paolo Lucidi and Luca Pevere after their innovative table collection Macrame won the award for best p....

Fiam - Art in Design

Fiam - Art in Design

Through technical expertise, knowledge of their medium and skilled craftsmanship Fiam has transcended the boundaries of design, their products have become ....

Fiam - Company Profile

Fiam - Company Profile

FIAM was born from one man’s passion for glass. Vittorio Livi founded FIAM in 1973. FIAM designs, develops and manufactures items of furniture in cur....

Paesaggi and Paesaggi Side from Fiam

Paesaggi and Paesaggi Side from Fiam

A unique take on glass coffee/side tables with surfaces on different levels. The products are made entirely from 12mm thick glass, the tops are bonded t....

Caldeira - Wall Mirror from Fiam

Caldeira - Wall Mirror from Fiam

Caldeira is a collection of contemporary wall mirrors in different shapes and sizes. The unique feature of Caldeira is the eye-catching 3D frame - a dar....

Bright by Fiam

Bright by Fiam

A great new contemporary office desk from Fiam made entirely from glass. The desk is made from 3 sheets of tempered glass which are fixed together with ....

Magique Side and Magique Totem by Fiam

Magique Side and Magique Totem by Fiam

These two exciting new products from the Magique family have been introduced by Fiam at the 2013 Milan Furniture Fair. Both products utilise sheet glass....

Rialto Isola by Fiam

Rialto Isola by Fiam

Fiam have introduce a stylish new desk called Rialto Isola - made from 2 sections of bent glass and joined with aluminum brackets. This desk has a futu....

Rosy by Fiam

Rosy by Fiam

New Fiam mirror 'Rosy' is unique and eye-catching in an effortless, subtle way. The off-centre mirror is surrounded by a raised metal frame shaped like ....

Kayo by Fiam

Kayo by Fiam

Kayo is the latest piece of stunning contemporary furniture presented by Fiam, suppliers of beautiful glass furniture for over 40 years. Kayo has the tr....

Bacall by Fiam

Bacall by Fiam

The new Bacall chair from Fiam offers elegance and style in abundance with a chair made for the modern home. The softly curved design oozes class and ap....

Discover Phantom by Fiam

Discover Phantom by Fiam

Fiam Phantom mirror, presented during the 2015 Salone del Mobile, comes from the creative genius of the artist and master of light Helidon Xhixha and from....