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Horm is a manufacturer of an eclectic range of modern home furniture. Working mainly in the medium of wood Horm has a product range that is pleasing to the eye and to the touch with a distinctive character. Horm furniture has a unique quality that challenges common conceptions and pushes the boundaries of contemporary furniture design. Their furniture catalogue include dining tables, chairs, console tables, coffee tables, end tables, mirrors, beds, bookcases, cabinets and stools.


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J Table Desk by Horm

Horm J Table Desk


Ripples Table by Horm

Horm Ripples Table


Riddled Table by Horm

Horm Riddled Table


Torii Coffee Table by Horm

Horm Torii Coffee Table


Hexagon End Table by Horm

Horm Hexagon End Table


Riddled Table Squared by Horm

Horm Riddled Table Squared


Sin Chair by Horm

Horm Sin Chair


Ki Chair by Horm

Horm Ki Chair


Ray  Chair by Horm

Horm Ray Chair


Ma.Re Dining Table by Horm

Horm Ma.Re Dining Table


Ray Chair by Horm

Horm Ray Chair


Ray Armchair by Horm

Horm Ray Armchair


Moony Wardrobe by Horm

Horm Moony Wardrobe


Blend Wardrobe by Horm

Horm Blend Wardrobe


Io e Te End Table by Horm

Horm Io e Te End Table


Lepel Armchair by Horm

Horm Lepel Armchair


Quadror 03 Table by Horm

Horm Quadror 03 Table


Sinapsi  by Horm

Horm Sinapsi


Dizzy Sofa by Horm

Horm Dizzy Sofa

Oblique Cabinet by Horm

Horm Oblique Cabinet


QuaDror01 End Table by Horm

Horm QuaDror01 End Table


Backstage Cabinet by Horm

Horm Backstage Cabinet


Bifronte End Table by Horm

Horm Bifronte End Table


Cobra TV Stand by Horm

Horm Cobra TV Stand


ComRi Dresser by Horm

Horm ComRi Dresser


Sottiletto Bed by Horm

Horm Sottiletto Bed


Twee T. Lighting by Horm

Horm Twee T. Lighting


Urban Bookcase by Horm

Horm Urban Bookcase


Gill Mirror by Horm

Horm Gill Mirror


Granny Lighting by Horm

Horm Granny Lighting


Leon Sideboard by Horm

Horm Leon Sideboard


Network Bookcase by Horm

Horm Network Bookcase


Quadror 02 Table by Horm

Horm Quadror 02 Table


Tide Cabinet by Horm

Horm Tide Cabinet


Twine Bed by Horm

Horm Twine Bed


Bek Chair by Horm

Horm Bek Chair

Kant Gas Stool by Horm

Horm Kant Gas Stool


Quadror 04 Bookcase by Horm

Horm Quadror 04 Bookcase


Singles Bookcase by Horm

Horm Singles Bookcase


AR Cabinet by Horm

Horm AR Cabinet


Hi Ply Bed by Horm

Horm Hi Ply Bed


Polka Dot Cabinet by Horm

Horm Polka Dot Cabinet


La-Dina Chair by Horm

Horm La-Dina Chair


Mamanonmama Mirror by Horm

Horm Mamanonmama Mirror


Robox Bookcase by Horm

Horm Robox Bookcase


Sendai Bookcase by Horm

Horm Sendai Bookcase


We can supply all Horm products direct from the factory. Please contact us if you require an item that is not listed or a specification we don't show.

News on Horm Contemporary Furniture | Dining Tables, Chairs, Coffee Tables, Beds, Bookcases & Cabinets

Ripples by Horm

Ripples by Horm

The 'Ripples' collection is an exhibition of the craftsmanship and quality of materials used by Horm in the manufacturing process. The collection consis....

Autoreggente by Horm

Autoreggente by Horm

A great example of simple design and great materials, Autoreggente perfectly combines glass and wood the create a modern dining table oozing with style and....

Riddled Front by Horm

Riddled Front by Horm

This is a multifaceted sideboard/buffet  with a unique eye-catching design. The walnut doors are perforated to allow for a striking effect which is en....