Bontempi Casa Furniture

Bontempi Casa is a sought-after and cosmopolitan Italian furniture company that was founded in 1963. With more than five decades of experience, its core philosophy remains: constant innovation integrated with aesthetics, utility, and comfort. Valuing each individual designer’s skill and talent, as well as their collaborations, Bontempi Italy best interprets the modern way of life and transforms it into beautiful pieces. With reputable designers like Marco Corti, Silvia and Maurizio Varsi, they release a diverse range of furniture that is elegant, timeless, and functional - each table, chest of drawers, side table, chair and occasionals, is made with the highest standards from the choicest raw materials, and is meticulously designed and produced. With masterpieces that are ideal for the dining and living areas, from the kitchen to the office, Bontempi Casa captures the essence of the contemporary lifestyle through its exquisite designs and superb quality furniture that are well suited for both the home and contractual use.

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Kuga Stool by Bontempi

Kuga Stool


Barone  Dining Table by Bontempi

Barone Dining Table


Wonder Dining Table by Bontempi

Wonder Dining Table


Cruz Dining Table by Bontempi

Cruz Dining Table


Seventy Chair by Bontempi

Seventy Chair


Clara Chair by Bontempi

Clara Chair


Kuga Stool P by Bontempi

Kuga Stool P


Versus Dining Table by Bontempi

Versus Dining Table


Aida Chair by Bontempi

Aida Chair


Kuga Chair by Bontempi

Kuga Chair


Genio Dining Table by Bontempi

Genio Dining Table


Giro Dining Table by Bontempi

Giro Dining Table


Nata Chair by Bontempi

Nata Chair


Pascal Dining Table by Bontempi

Pascal Dining Table


Aron Dining Table by Bontempi

Aron Dining Table


Eva Stool by Bontempi

Eva Stool


Dalila Chair by Bontempi

Dalila Chair


Elica End Table by Bontempi

Elica End Table


Double Mirror by Bontempi

Double Mirror


Eidos Mirror by Bontempi

Eidos Mirror


Kuga W Chair by Bontempi

Kuga W Chair


Square Mirror by Bontempi

Square Mirror


Igloo End Table by Bontempi

Igloo End Table


Ramos Dining Table by Bontempi

Ramos Dining Table


Sofia Chair by Bontempi

Sofia Chair


Aqua Chair by Bontempi

Aqua Chair


Enea End Table by Bontempi

Enea End Table


Senso Dining Table by Bontempi

Senso Dining Table


Gipsy Chair by Bontempi

Gipsy Chair


Aria Chair by Bontempi

Aria Chair


Shark Poly Stool by Bontempi

Shark Poly Stool


Echo Dining Table by Bontempi

Echo Dining Table


Hidra Chair by Bontempi

Hidra Chair


Alice H Chair by Bontempi

Alice H Chair


Flower End Table by Bontempi

Flower End Table


Shark Poly Chair by Bontempi

Shark Poly Chair


Eva Chair by Bontempi

Eva Chair


Net Chair by Bontempi

Net Chair


Linda Stool by Bontempi

Linda Stool


Sirt End Table by Bontempi

Sirt End Table


Alfa Chair by Bontempi

Alfa Chair


Zac Desk by Bontempi

Zac Desk


Clara Barstool by Bontempi

Clara Barstool


Daya Lounge Chair by Bontempi

Daya Lounge Chair


Mood Chair by Bontempi

Mood Chair


Nata Chair by Bontempi

Nata Chair


Madison Cabinet by Bontempi

Madison Cabinet


Flexus End Table by Bontempi

Flexus End Table


Flexus End by Bontempi

Flexus End


Freak Chair by Bontempi

Freak Chair


Malik Chair by Bontempi

Malik Chair


Margot Armchair by Bontempi

Margot Armchair


Kelly Chair by Bontempi

Kelly Chair


Clara M Chair by Bontempi

Clara M Chair


Clarissa Armchair by Bontempi

Clarissa Armchair


Podium Dining Table by Bontempi

Podium Dining Table


Artistico Coffee by Bontempi

Artistico Coffee


Kendra Chair by Bontempi

Kendra Chair


Margot Chair by Bontempi

Margot Chair


Millennium Coffee by Bontempi

Millennium Coffee


Enea Chest Storage by Bontempi

Enea Chest Storage


Etico Table by Bontempi

Etico Table


Fusion Dining Table by Bontempi

Fusion Dining Table


Sveva Dining Chair by Bontempi

Sveva Dining Chair


Nata Bar Stool by Bontempi

Nata Bar Stool


Kito End Table by Bontempi

Kito End Table


Seventy F Chair by Bontempi

Seventy F Chair


Sky Dining Table by Bontempi

Sky Dining Table


We can supply all Bontempi products direct from the factory. Please contact us if you require an item that is not listed or a specification we don't show.