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Longo Lounge Seating Product Data Sheet

Longo Lounge Seating Lounger by Actiu


Longo is a system capable of taking your work level to the desired point. It merges soft seating with the office using a robust structure platform but with a light aspect. Longo stems from a solid extruded aluminum structure on which we attach the cast iron legs and endless possibilities. Due to the soundproofing properties of Longo POD, this layout allows a private space to be collaborative and sound absorbing. Additionally, the number of possibilities offered by the choices of upholstery gives the user a high degree of customization to create more attractive and creative places. Longo is a modular system consisting of sofas, operative and managerial desks, with storage solutions (cabinets, libraries). Nomad enables high mobility for social areas in today’s offices. Its light structure allows a free movement capacity, as well as a high degree of customization thanks to its variety of structures, cushions and upholstery.



Product name

Longo Lounge Seating

Shipping time 8 to 12 weeks
Shipping charge FREE
Made in Spain

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