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Trim Office Chair Product Data Sheet

Trim Office Chair by Actiu


The Actiu Trim Office Chair, an operational seating solution, was conceptualized to improve the comfort and enhance productivity within the office. This award-winning chair designed by Alegre Design features different adjustable solutions including four tilting backrest positions, adaptive lumbar support, seat slider, and adjustable armrest and backrest so users can fully customize it according to their ergonomic and anthropometric requirements. Offered in three different models, the backrest can be upholstered, or manufactured using textile mesh or polypropylene, all of which are framed within a polypropylene glass fiber frame and supported by a 5-spoke base in die cast aluminum or polyamide glass fiber base.



Product name

Trim Office Chair

Shipping time 8 to 12 weeks
Shipping charge FREE
Made in Spain

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