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Casper Furniture Cover Product Data Sheet

Casper Furniture Cover Accessory by Kristalia


In areas close to the sea, in humid climates or during a long period when not used, it is important to protect outdoor furniture well, even when it is made of high-quality materials and finishes. For this reason, Casper coverings have been created: made of polyester fabric, they have a coated external covering that protects against water and humidity, with exceptional durability and breathability, whereas the interior minimises humidity and temperature changes, protecting furniture from mold, frost and heat. Once folded, they are not bulky and can be stored inside special internal pockets in some models, or in the extension trays of extendable tables



Product name

Casper Furniture Cover

Designer Bluezone
Shipping time 9 to 12 weeks
Shipping charge FREE
Made in Italy

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