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Botera Sofa  from Miniforms
Botera Sofa  from Miniforms
Botera Sofa  from Miniforms
Botera Sofa  from Miniforms

Botera Sofa by Miniforms

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Erimiti Cloud Cat D

Rohi Sera Cat D

Torrilana Gubbio Cat B

Chioccarello Lanee Fabric Cat B

Flukso Esedra Tricot Cat E

Fluxo Platinum Fabric Cat B

Kvadrat Field 2 Cat C

Kvadrat Relate Cat B

Kvadrat Steelcut Trio 3 Fabric Cat E

Loop Fabric Cat A

Madrid Fabric Cat A

Maharam Merit Cat D

Mesh Fabric Cat B

Rohi Mica Cat D

Salo Fabric Cat A

Shelter Velvet Cat C

Torrilana Brione Cat C

Torrilana Rakam Cat C

Trame Fabric Cat A

Vescom Norfolk Cat B

Vescom Rolla Cat C


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A relaxing experience resting in a sea of clouds awaits you with the Miniforms Botera Sofa created by E-ggs. In true neotenic fashion, its voluminous composition starts off from the soft, deep, and chunky base. The backrest, which is offered in high or low versions, grows out of this composition to provide maximum relaxation as you lounge comfortably on it. With its modularity and with a variety of fabric colors to choose from, you can create different arrangements that suit your needs and style. Combined with other pieces from the collection, you can complement your sofa with a pouf and an armchair to make an utterly inviting composition that’s ideal for living areas and contract spaces.