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Corda Chair  from Tonon, designed by Cuno Frommherz
Corda Chair  from Tonon, designed by Cuno Frommherz

Corda Chair by Tonon

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Bring an element of adventure to your dining space- be it indoors or in an al fresco setting, with the Tonon Corda Chair. Designed by renowned German designer Cuno Frommherz, this chair takes durability, functionality, and materiality into consideration. The back and seating frame as well as the legs are constructed using a steel structure which comes in painted finish. Supporting the back and also serving as a seat is a composition of handmade rope weaving that comes in two types. The fishing net weave is the simpler version while the more elaborate one features an intricate series reminiscent of mountaineering or sailboat rope knotting techniques. The chair’s metal frame and woven ropes are weatherproof making them durable and highly-recommended for outdoor use.