Face by Kristalia

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Delivery time 9 to 12 weeks
Size 18.5 x 21.5 x 33.5h (seat 18h) inches
Made in Italy

Face fits easily into homes and public areas, it is stackable, sturdy, and has a new attractive design. The structure is a single piece of hard moulded polyurethane, a highly resistant material that is easy to clean. A large hole at the base of the back makes it flexible, it adapts to your body, while acting as an easy grip for the chair. With anodized aluminium legs, or lacquered to match the seat (white, black beige or red). Also available wrapped in hide leather, see related products below.

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Kristalia Polyurethane (Face)
    Anodized Aluminium Legs  $422 Buy
    Matching Lacquered Legs  $459 Buy