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Kartell – 15 Years of Transparency

Kartell - 15 Years of Transparency

15 Years of Transparency with Phillippe Starck. In 1999 Kartell were pioneers in creating a completely transparent chair, using a material that had never been thought of for use in the furnishing world: polycarbonate. Every collaboration between Kartell and Philippe Starck has brought something unexpected to the market, from Louis, Victoria, Charles, Mr. Impossible, and the newest and largest Uncle Jack   Click on the image above to see the video, or on the links below for product details: Louis Ghost Victoria Ghost Charles Ghost Mr Impossible  

Foliage Sofa by Kartell

Foliage Sofa

Foliage is an unusual and unique sofa designed by Patricia Urquiola for Kartell. The designer has a long and successful relationship with Kartell, regularly producing popular pieces, and with Foliage this trend looks to continue. The design has a very natural feel, from the leaf-like patterns that form on the quilted upholstery to the supporting legs inspired by tree branches. The upholstery is available in polyester or 100% wool in a variety of colors – click the link below for more information   (AVAILABLE FROM SEPT. 2013):   Click the link below for more details: Foliage Sofa    

Comback Rocking Chair from Kartell

Comback Rocking Chair

Comback Rocking Chair is the latest variation of the recently released family of unique chairs designed by Patricia Urquiola. This version has curved wooden runners fixed to the bottom of the chair that allow it to rock gently back and forth. The runners are made form solid ashwood, stained in oak. The Comback design is based on a classic Windsor chair, brought into the 21st Century by using cutting edge technology, vibrant colors and modern materials.   (AVAILABILE FROM SEPT. 2013)   Click on the link below for more details: Comback Rocking Chair    

Sound Rack from Kartell

Sound Rack

Sound Rack is a highly innovative and practical storage cabinet designed by Ludovica & Roberto Palomba and realised in transparent polymetylmethacrylate (PMMA). The units can be used individually or stacked to form larger storage units. Available in stylish transparent colors that give a subtle contemporary feel.   (AVAILABLE FROM SEPT. 2013)   Click on the link below for more details: Sound Rack      

Max Beam from Kartell

Max Beam

Max Beam is a fun and useful new Kartell product designed by Ludovica & Roberto Palomba. Versatility is one of Max Beam’s main qualities, it can be used in any room (and outdoors) as a side table, small coffee table or stool. Made from moulded PMMA plastic, Max beam is highly resistant and is available in a selection of transparent colors.   (AVAILABLE FROM SEPT. 2013)   Click on the link below for more details: Max Beam  

Only Me by Philippe Starck for Kartell

Only Me

A series of mirrors available in 3 different sizes encased in a slim plastic frame and available in a number of transparent colors. Designed by world famous designer and long time Kartell collaborator Philippe Starck – this simple, stylish design is sure to be popular with interior designers and private customers alike.   (AVAILABLE FROM SEPT. 2013)   Click the link below for more details: Only Me          

Taj Mini from Kartell

Taj Mini

Taj Mini is a smaller table version of the larger ‘Taj’ floor light released to great critical acclaim last year. Taj Mini is more versatile and practical, can be used in a wider range of settings and for different purposes. There is also a wider range of colors available allowing you to choose the best look for your room. This light is due to be available in September 2013 and will be a welcome addition to the already impressive Kartell lighting range.   (AVAILABLE FROM SEPT. 2013)   Click on the link below for more details: Taj Mini  

Invisible by Kartell


Invisible is a new family of furniture from Kartell. Comprising of a coffee table, dining table and side table, Invisible strikes at the heart of essential design – the materials used and the square angles are the essence of minimalism, as the name suggests. This family of products can be used in any room or any setting, whether commercial or private. Click on the links below to explore these products fully…   Invisible Table Invisible Side Invisible Coffee            

Taj by Kartell


Taj is an exquisite floor lamp, designed by Ferruccio Laviani and made by Kartell This is the latest in a long line of collaborations between these two – have previously worked on design icons such as Bourgie, FL/Y and Neutra. The curved body of Taj is made from PMMA and features LED lights along the curve to optimise the light produced. The shape of Taj is governed by function – this curve allows for the maximum light output from these LEDs. Available in a number of finishes – click the link below for all details…   Taj  

Masters Dining Chair by Kartell


World renowned designer Philippe Starck continues his highly successful collaboration with Kartell by combining 3 classic chair shapes to produce Masters. As the 3 separate designs intertwine they create a silhouette that feels familiar yet is unique. This chair is bound to become one of the most talked about design pieces of the year, expect to see it in a fashionable bar or restaurant near you soon. Click on the link below for more details…   Masters    


Kartell is a world renowned Italian furniture brand, specialising in producing high quality contemporary furniture using modern plastics in conjunction with leading furniture designers. The brand is synonymous with creativity and innovation in terms of design and production techniques. The range of Kartell furniture includes dining tables, dining chairs, lighting, stools, storage, coffee tables and outdoor furniture.


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