Evolution of Bontempi Chair: From Delfina to Kuga

Bontempi has been in pursuit of high-quality furniture since 1963 when Alessandro and Giancarlo Bontempi established Mobilfer. The company eventually evolved to Bontempi Casa, which was officially launched in 1980. But throughout those 56 years, the Italian brand continues to have the same passion for furniture, the only difference is the company's size.

We are still determined in proposing our philosophy: experiencing the beauty together with functionality and comfort, always innovating our choices, so states the Bontempi website. Clientele size may have changed, but the principles behind every piece of Bontempi furniture remain. Designs may have evolved, but Bontempi's knack for beauty remains the same. Check out how Bontempis chair designs changed over the years.


Bontempi Delfina

In 1987, Bontempi proudly received the Oscar of the Design Compasso d'oro for the Delfina chair. Designed by Giuseppe Raimondi, the Delfina was a unique dining chair that was ahead of its time in the late 1980s. It was colorful and according to the jury that awarded the chair the Oscar 1987, Bontempi made a wise use of different technologies in a harmonious summary, also fit for purpose both structurally and ergonomically.

The Delfina is no longer in the current lineup of contemporary Bontempi chairs, which is to be expected as evolution is just natural even with furniture design. Some species may become extinct, but they will be replaced by new ones--some just as beautiful while others are even more so.


Bontempi Clara

The Clara is a lineup of chairs with a metal frame that is covered in one's choice of leather or fabric: deco fabric, eco leather, mambo and lulu fabric, premium nappa leather, pure virgin wool, waterproof nabuk (printed or plain) and velvet. The contemporary seating looks and feels just as comfortable. The collection also exudes elegance, which is just what the modern home needs. The Clara collection is also suitable for contractual deals.

Under the Clara collection are the Clara, Clara Barstool and Clara Armchair. The Clara and Clara Armchair are perfect for the modern dining room. The Clara has a higher backrest for maximum comfort, which also means that this kind could be utilized as office chair. There are at least two variations of the Clara Barstool--one has an adjustable piping, and the other has four legs. In all of the models, the legs of the chairs could be matched with their cushion or could take on a different color for a two-toned effect.

Bontempi Clara Barstool


Bontempi Kuga

The Kuga collection features different variations of the chair, emphasizing versatility. Basically, the seat and the backrest is an upholstered shell that is quilted. The legs are either lacquered / chrome metal or wood. The upholstery could be any of the following: eco-leather, lulu fabric, mambo, premium nappa leather. Pure virgin wool, velvet and waterproof nabuk. The Kuga Barstool has either the swivel base made of chrome metal or the regular four legs. A gas lift piston allows the user to adjust the Bontempi stool's height. The Kuga, on the other hand, has a few variations, one of them has a frame made of chrome--the chrome also serves as the arms and legs of the chair. One may also order the same chair without the arms. This kind of Bontempi chair is great for offices. The other variation of Kuga doesn't have arms with a choice between having legs of lacquered or chrome metal or regular wooden legs.

Bontempi Kuga 2

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