Cattelan Italia

Cattelan Italia produces a wide range of beautiful contemporary furniture with trend-setting designs and industry-leading quality. Using modern production techniques, the brand manufactures innovative pieces of furniture ranging from dining tables, coffee tables, sideboards, mirrors and bookcases to stylish dining chairs, beds and stools. The furniture maker is known for its attention to details as well as functionality in the unique shapes of products. This means that Cattelan Italia seeks to make unique designs but ensures that these are practical as well.



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Console Table Tour by Cattelan Italia

Console Table Tour by Cattelan Italia

Tour is a superb modern console table with an eye-catching design. The upper console shelf (available in glass or wood) appears impossibly balanced  ....

Skorpio by Cattelan Italia

Skorpio by Cattelan Italia

This new dining table from Cattelan Italia epitomizes the latest trends within modern Italian furniture design. Skorpio features a geometric metal base ....

Slumber by Cattelan Italia

Slumber by Cattelan Italia

With the stress that every individual faces at work, in school or in life in general, plus the toxic blows that society throws at us sometimes, we will nee....

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Cattelan Italia Beds

Cattelan Italia is one of the most well-known manufacturers of modern Italian furniture—and for good reason. For close to four decades, the brand has been making contemporary furniture including a line of high-quality and sturdy beds. The frames are made of either Canaletto walnut or burned oak. The upholstered part—the headboard or the body is covered in any of the brand’s fabrics: synthetic nubuck, micro nubuck, synthetic leather and soft leather. All these are available in a variety of colors. There is also a line of Cattelan Italia beds that contains pull-up slats for storage.

Cattelan Italia Bookcases

One of the most well-known manufacturers of fine Italian contemporary furniture, Cattelan Italia makes sure that every piece of product that comes out of its warehouse has the appropriate ratio of quality, design and price. Its line of bookcases is unique with mostly modular designs. The modular design allows you to construct Cattelan Italia bookcases any way you want them. The frames could be titanium but mostly wood, which could be either Canaletto walnut or natural oak. The bookcases also come in various sizes and colors.

Cattelan Italia Cabinets

Founded in 1979, Cattelan Italia is a family company started by Giorgio and Silvia Cattelan. Now the company is run by their son Paolo. After close to 40 years, Cattelan Italia has greatly improved its furniture range. Cattelan Italia cabinets or sideboards are mostly made of wood: Canaletto walnut or heritage oak. The inside compartments have clear glass shelves. There are various designs available so that you can choose the best one that would perfectly fit your interior design. You may even request to have your sideboards fitted with drawers.

Cattelan Italia Chairs

Comfortable and ergonomically sound--these are the two most important qualities of Cattelan Italia chairs. The Italian brand's chairs find themselves everywhere--from homes to hotels, restaurants, bars and other commercial establishments and institutions. Each design is a standout and each style attracts a certain kind of client. Whatever you want, whatever you need, Cattelan Italia will cater to it: from dining chairs to lounge chairs, office chairs to commercial chairs, stools and bar stools, among many others.

Cattelan Italia Coffee Tables

Cattelan Italia furniture is made of 100% Italian materials. Its products are available in 96 countries. Its line of coffee tables is artistically made and functional. You can have a choice of a family of coffee tables, which usually come in threes but can also be purchased separately. There are various tops to choose from: tempered glass top, ceramic with marble-effect finishes, and the Murano hand-made artistic glass top. The hand-made tables are popular because of its artisanal feel: it has imperfections, irregularities, streaks and other hand-made characteristics.

Cattelan Italia Console Tables

Cattelan Italia furniture uses high-quality materials with serious attention to details. The line of Cattelan Italia console tables are modern and unique particularly the bases. The console tables don’t use the regular four legs—most have sculptured bases that make them the center of attention in the house. Some of the modern console tables have a uniquely structured base in graphite embossed lacquered steel. Some bases are made of Canaletto walnut. Materials for the table top are clear glass, extra clear glass or Canaletto walnut.

Cattelan Italia Desks

Cattelan Italia makes pieces of furniture that have unique characteristics that truly make the products look 100% made in Italy. In the case of Cattelan Italia desks, one of their unique aspects is the irregularities on the product. This is but natural because parts of the products are manually made, hence the imperfections. But that only gives the desks personality. Choices of table tops include lacquered white graphite embossed medium-density fireboard, extra clear white painted glass or Canaletto walnut. The alternatives for the frames are matt or graphite, stainless steel and Canaletto walnut.

Cattelan Italia Dining Tables

Cattelan Italia dining tables are made from high-quality materials that have the innate Italian design complemented with function. The Cattelan Italia table speaks of modernism and contemporary lifestyle. Gorgeous and elegant, the brand's glass dining table lineup is great at smaller spaces, while the wooden and marble dining table lineups help create a strong look and overall sturdy design.

Cattelan Italia End Tables

Cattelan Italia is an Italian furniture company founded in 1979 by couple Giorgio and Silvia Cattelan. Now managed by the couple’s son, the brand has come a long way especially with its line of end tables. The brand surely knows how to pay attention to details. Among the most popular Cattelan Italia end tables are what the brand calls family of end tables—this is a group of at least three tables to come together as a unit. But every piece can be purchased separately.

Cattelan Italia Lighting

Cattelan Italia focuses on the production of home furnishings made entirely in Italy. It is great at making unique shapes—and this is evident in the lineup of Cattelan Italia lighting. The products could really brighten up a room—literally and figuratively. For those who have a lot of space, there are floor lamps that are adjustable. There are desk lamps for those who need them in the study, and there are ceiling lamps that are elaborate and sophisticated made of either glass or crystal pendants.

Cattelan Italia Mirrors

Is it a mirror or is it a clock? That’s what Cattelan mirrors are all about—dual functionality. Cattelan Italia, which manufactured its first furniture in 1979, is great at making unique furniture and integrating other functions in its primary role. The Italian brand’s lineup of stunning mirrors include one that has a clock in it in mirrored or smoke gray glass with steel details. Another mirror design has a clothes hanger function with a frame in Canaletto walnut. For some designs that are solely mirrors, they can be hung in a variety of ways, according to how they would best fit with your interiors.

Cattelan Italia Stools

Cattelan Italia furniture is 100% made in Italy and the brand proudly shows that fact off. Its line of Cattelan Italia stools is great for both domestic and commercial use. The upholstered seats are covered in leather or fabric in different colors. Among the alternatives for the upholstery are the following: regular fabric, synthetic nubuck, micro nubuck, synthetic leather and soft leather. Recognizing the difference in people’s heights, Cattelan stools are mostly adjustable. The modern stools from the brand stand in a steel frame.

Cattelan Italia Storage

Cattelan Italia is one of the most well-known manufacturers of fine Italian modern furniture. It makes the best balance between beautiful design and practical function. In the case of Cattelan storage, you may have a choice between have shelves or drawers. The internal shelves are made of clear glass. Materials for the storage cabinets are made of either Canaletto walnut or glossy oyster with matt graphic details. Cattelan Italia’s storage cabinets are available in other variations. The storage is well designed from the top down to its feet, which are usually made of lacquered steel feet.