Slumber by Cattelan Italia

With the stress that every individual faces at work, in school or in life in general, plus the toxic blows that society throws at us sometimes, we will need a good slumber in order to recharge for the next day’s challenges. Sleep is very important in one’s survival. And great slumber can only be accomplished with an equally great bed. Italian brand Cattelan Italia promises great slumber with its line of contemporary beds: sturdy, comfortable and beautiful.


Exuding modern elegance, the Adam is from the creative mind of Gino Carollo. A double bed upholstered and covered in fabric ranging from synthetic nubuck, micro nubuck to synthetic leather and soft leather. The headboard is in soft leather, with your choice of red or orange color. The frame is made of canaletto walnut or burned oak. But the only visible wood from this Cattelan Italia bed are the legs, which raise the bed to about 100 centimeters in height--making this contemporary furniture ideal for hiding some stuff under it. Cattelan Adam


This is Italian luxury at its best: the Amadeus leather bed is like art in itself. It is not only a functional piece of furniture in the bedroom, it makes for a great centerpiece. Designed by the duo Manzoni and Tapinassi in 2016, the entire bed, save for the legs, is entirely covered in leather--either synthetic or soft. The design of the headboard gives off a posh feel. The feet are embossed lacquered steel that raise the bed to a height of 103 centimeters. Cattelan Amadeus


The look of the future: Cattelan Italia’s Dylan. It gives off the impression that it is levitating because of its unique frame. But while it may be what the bed of the future looks like, the Dylan is actually among the older beds from Cattelan Italia. Designed by Andrea Lucatello in 2007, this upholstered bed is covered in either fabric (synthetic nubuck or micro nubuck) or leather (soft or synthetic). It may not be obvious, but the Dylan actually stands on four feet, strategically located to make them unseen by the naked eye. The feet are chromed steel. Cattelan Dylan


Designed by Gino Carollo in 2016, the Edward is the perfect picture of timeless elegance. The patterned, tufted headboard is just beautiful. The upholstery cover are choices of synthetic nubuck, micro nubuck, synthetic leather and soft leather. The frame is either in canaletto walnut or burned oak. You can also have the option of getting a bed with pull-up slats with container. Cattelan Edward


Versatility at its finest. The Ludovic is a great, comfortable modern bed--but it is also the perfect lounging furniture when you just want to watch television inside the room or get comfortable while reading a book. Designed by the collaborative duo of Manzoni and Tapinassi in 2017, the upholstered bed is covered in your choice of nubuck fabric or leather. The headboard is in soft leather, making it very comfortable for the back. The bed also features lacquered steel feet. Cattelan Ludovic


Again, one of those seemingly floating beds, the Lukas was designed in 2009 by Studio Kronos. But another highlight in this masterpiece is the headboard with cushions so soft they might as well be made of feather. The bed is fully lined with either fabric or leather--depending on your choice. The feet are chromed steel but are not visible to the naked eyes. Cattelan Lukas


Cattelan Italia surely knows how to create art. The Matisse is just the perfect example of a bed with artistic elegance. The curves in this bed is as sexy as a woman’s. Designed by Studio Dainelli, the bed marries the importance of shape and luxury in materials. One look at the bed and you’ll know that your bedroom is going to be the most beautiful part of the house. Cattelan Matisse Founded in 1979, Cattelan Italia believes that furniture is more than just practical pieces of home items--they represent life and experience. This is why every piece of furniture created by this Italian brand screams beauty and practical function. It takes design to the next level with its lineup of beds. After all, good beds brings good sleep, and hopefully, good dreams.

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