Nolita from Pedrali

Nolita, vintage chic...the title of the video below perfectly summarizes the inspiration behindthe contemporary outdoor chair from Pedrali. As a company, Pedrali has come a long way since their inception and designers Simone Mandelli & Antonio Pagliarulowanted to create a tribute to the first chair Pedrali put into production, a simple metal garden chair. The premise remained the same as all those years ago: create a light, practical chair for outdoor use that doesn't dominate the space but instead provides a visually desirable form in a subtler way. The designers made full use of the latest metal processing technologies available from Pedrali to develop a contemporary chair and modern stool in a wide choice of fresh, summery colors.   Click on the links below for more information: Nolita Nolita Stool  

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