Bella HW chair from Frag, designed by G. e R. Fauciglietti
Bella HW chair from Frag, designed by G. e R. Fauciglietti

Bella HW Chair by Frag

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Raffaello Soft Leather Category 09

Tiepolo Soft Leather Category 07

Leonardo Leather Category 46

Michelangelo Nabuk Leather Category 31

33 Saturno PVC (Cat B)

38 Venere Fabric (Cat. C)

41 Teti Fabric (Cat. A)

43 Eris Fabric (Cat. B)

44 Ariel Fabric (Cat. B)

50 Steel Cut Trio Fabric (Cat. Plus)

51 Maple Fabric (Cat. C)

52 Divina Fabric (Cat. Plus)

53 Canvas Fabric (Cat. Plus)

54 Melange Nap Fabric (Cat. Plus)

55 Re Wool Fabric (Cat. Plus)

56 Hallingdal Fabric (Cat. Plus)

57 Foss Fabric (Cat. Plus)

60 Sirio Fabric (Cat. C)

61 Teddy Fabric (Cat. D)

62 Lira Fabric (Cat. B)

63 Andromeda Fabric (Cat. B)


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The Frag Bella Chair HW, designed by G and R Fauciglietti, combines linearity, softness, and a classic visual appearance making it an appropriate choice for refined interior spaces. This model, which comes in open and with armrest versions, features a high back design which provides ultimate comfort to the seater. Constructed with a wooden frame, the padded backrest and seat are upholstered with flame-retardant polyurethane foam. Adding to its comfort is the “memory” steel, which is integrated in the backseat for flexibility and ergonomics. The cushioned aspects come in fabric and leather cover selections while the wooden legs are available in walnut stained and wenge stained finishes.