Kartell is a world renowned Italian furniture brand, specialising in producing high quality contemporary furniture using modern plastics in conjunction with leading furniture designers. The brand is synonymous with creativity and innovation in terms of design and production techniques. The range of Kartell furniture includes dining tables, dining chairs, lighting, stools, storage, coffee tables and outdoor furniture.


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Masters Chair by Kartell

Kartell Masters Chair

Frilly Chair by Kartell

Kartell Frilly Chair

Spoon Stool by Kartell

Kartell Spoon Stool

Masters Stool by Kartell

Kartell Masters Stool

Dr Yes Chair by Kartell

Kartell Dr Yes Chair

Invisible Table by Kartell

Kartell Invisible Table

Only Me Mirror by Kartell

Kartell Only Me Mirror

Maui Chair by Kartell

Kartell Maui Chair

La Marie Chair by Kartell

Kartell La Marie Chair

Audrey Chair by Kartell

Kartell Audrey Chair

Glossy Table by Kartell

Kartell Glossy Table

Taj Lighting by Kartell

Kartell Taj Lighting

Dune Accessory by Kartell

Kartell Dune Accessory

Papyrus Chair by Kartell

Kartell Papyrus Chair

Cindy Lighting by Kartell

Kartell Cindy Lighting

Icon Lighting by Kartell

Kartell Icon Lighting

Neutra Lighting by Kartell

Kartell Neutra Lighting

Optic Storage by Kartell

Kartell Optic Storage

Dolly Chair by Kartell

Kartell Dolly Chair

Ge Lighting by Kartell

Kartell Ge Lighting

Plastics Sofa by Kartell

Kartell Plastics Sofa

Foliage Sofa by Kartell

Kartell Foliage Sofa

Thalya Chair by Kartell

Kartell Thalya Chair

Dr No Chair by Kartell

Kartell Dr No Chair

Hi Cut Chair by Kartell

Kartell Hi Cut Chair

Mobil Cabinet by Kartell

Kartell Mobil Cabinet

Comback Chair by Kartell

Kartell Comback Chair

Nihau Chair by Kartell

Kartell Nihau Chair

E Wall Lighting by Kartell

Kartell E Wall Lighting

Dr Na Table by Kartell

Kartell Dr Na Table

Kabuki Lighting by Kartell

Kartell Kabuki Lighting

Lizz Chair by Kartell

Kartell Lizz Chair

Re-Chair by Kartell

Kartell Re-Chair

Venice Chair by Kartell

Kartell Venice Chair

One More Stool by Kartell

Kartell One More Stool

Charla Chair by Kartell

Kartell Charla Chair

Trix Chaise Bed by Kartell

Kartell Trix Chaise Bed

Planet Lighting by Kartell

Kartell Planet Lighting

Uncle Jack Sofa by Kartell

Kartell Uncle Jack Sofa

Pilastro Stool by Kartell

Kartell Pilastro Stool

Q/Wood Armchair by Kartell

Kartell Q/Wood Armchair

We can supply all Kartell products direct from the factory. Please contact us if you require an item that is not listed or a specification we don't show.

News on Kartell

Masters Dining Chair by Kartell

Masters Dining Chair by Kartell

World renowned designer Philippe Starck continues his highly successful collaboration with Kartell by combining 3 classic chair shapes to produce Masters. ....

Invisible by Kartell

Invisible by Kartell

Invisible is a new family of furniture from Kartell. Comprising of a coffee table, dining table and side table, Invisible strikes at the heart of essent....

Taj by Kartell

Taj by Kartell

Taj is an exquisite floor lamp, designed by Ferruccio Laviani and made by Kartell This is the latest in a long line of collaborations between these two ....

Taj Mini from Kartell

Taj Mini from Kartell

Taj Mini is a smaller table version of the larger 'Taj' floor light released to great critical acclaim last year. Taj Mini is more versatile and practic....

Comback Rocking Chair from Kartell

Comback Rocking Chair from Kartell

Comback Rocking Chair is the latest variation of the recently released family of unique chairs designed by Patricia Urquiola. This version has curved w....

Only Me by Philippe Starck for Kartell

Only Me by Philippe Starck for Kartell

A series of mirrors available in 3 different sizes encased in a slim plastic frame and available in a number of transparent colors. Designed by world fa....

Foliage Sofa by Kartell

Foliage Sofa by Kartell

Foliage is an unusual and unique sofa designed by Patricia Urquiola for Kartell. The designer has a long and successful relationship with Kartell, regul....

Sound Rack from Kartell

Sound Rack from Kartell

Sound Rack is a highly innovative and practical storage cabinet designed by Ludovica & Roberto Palomba and realised in transparent polymetylmethacrylat....

Max Beam from Kartell

Max Beam from Kartell

Max Beam is a fun and useful new Kartell product designed by Ludovica & Roberto Palomba. Versatility is one of Max Beam's main qualities, it can be ....

Kartell - 15 Years of Transparency

Kartell - 15 Years of Transparency

15 Years of Transparency with Phillippe Starck. In 1999 Kartell were pioneers in creating a completely transparent chair, using a material that had....