Miniforms Desks

After more than 40 years, Miniforms furniture has truly evolved. Its line of Miniforms desks has become more stylish and more modern. The brand is also great with integrated practical accessories to its desks. Some of the Miniforms desks are integrated with speakers that may be useful for working. The speakers are ideal for either the notebook or the iPad. Another line of desks has a mirror integrated in it so that it could double as a dresser. You may have a choice of lacquered or wood veneer finish.

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Tolda Desk by Miniforms

Miniforms Tolda Desk

Bardino Desk by Miniforms

Miniforms Bardino Desk

Jumbo Desk by Miniforms

Miniforms Jumbo Desk

Torototela Desk by Miniforms

Miniforms Torototela Desk


We can supply all Miniforms products direct from the factory. Please contact us if you require an item that is not listed or a specification we don't show.