Miniforms Designer Focus - Andrea Lucatello

Andrea Lucatello, industrial designer, born in Treviso in 1968, lives and works in Biancade (Treviso). Since his youth, he gained experience in varied industries,forming his experience, his creativity and knowledge of manufacturing techniques of composite materials in particular, in the design offurniture. He currently works with many Italian companies dealing with design and interior decoration, from the initial conception of the idea until the finalmanufacture of the product. His works give rise to an original style, with a strong personality and an avant-garde design. Full list of his work with Miniforms below: Aria Cliff Galaga Modus Oyster Pepper -Large Pepper -High Pepper -Snack Pepper -Stool Pepper Quartz -Quartz Dining Table -Quartz Mirror Rock Slim Square Tango Wally  

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