Sovet: Design Your Own Furniture

Sovet Italia has established itself as a pioneer in the glass furniture industry. Over a few decades, since it was founded in the 1980s, the Italian brand has expanded its contemporary furniture lineup to other materials like wood, steel, ceramic and aluminum, among others. Currently, the brand again becomes a pioneer in the field of customization.

Sovet Italia

Sovet Italia presents the 3D web configurator. The system allows clients to customize contemporary furniture items from the Slim and Essential collection through the companys website: It is very easy to use:

1. Choose the measurement of the furniture.

2. Select the finishing.

3. Send a request.

The configurator is available for all types of gadgets. When one makes the selections, a realistic rendering of the product will be shown on the screen along with the measurements and other details. Clients are essentially designing their own modern furniture with this Sovet Italia system.

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