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can-can-2 Tonellis Can Can table got the eye of Interni magazine, Italys authority in interiors and contemporary design. The Can Can was featured in a detailed article in Internis December 2018 issue. Designed by Mario Milana, the Can Can is a contemporary dining table that features a stratified glass table top. One may also choose the stratified ceramic as top. Both tops were featured in Interni, one just as elegant as the other. The ceramic top could be in a matt or polished finish. The Can Can is usually a striking two-toned contemporary table. While the top could be in glass or ceramic, the legs are either in 40mm glass or walnut canaletto. The joints that connect the top and the legs are available in various alternatives such as stainless steel, brass or copper. Can Cancan-can-1 The Interni article featured four variations of the Can Can, which is a versatile modern table that could fit as office furniture or a dining table. Manufactured by Tonelli, which specializes in glass furniture, the Can Can exemplifies the brands important principles of tradition combined with innovation. A brand like Tonelli is exactly what Interni zealously writes about: the growth of furniture design through the knowledge and skills of designers. Interni wrote about the distinctive features of the Can Can as well as Tonellis use of technology.

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