Bourgie by Kartell

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Size 29h x 14.5w inches
Made in Italy

The revisiting of a classic: the baroque table lamp. The revolutionary feature of this lamp is that it is made entirely of transparent or batch-dyed polycarbonate. The quality of the material and its production lend it the resemblance of a precious crystal table lamp. The baroque style base is composed of three decorated layers that interconnect and the large lampshade is made with a plissé effect, to create a play of reflections once the lamp is turned on.

Delivery times
    Black  $450 Buy 7 days
    Gold  $790 Buy 7 days
    Multicoloured Fuchsia  $680 Buy 7 days
    Multicoloured Light Blue  $680 Buy 7 days
    Multicoloured Titanium  $680 Buy 7 days
    Silver  $680 Buy 7 days
    Transparent  $450 Buy 7 days
    White (gold interior)  $580 Buy 4 to 6 weeks