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Through technical expertise, knowledge of their medium and skilled craftsmanship Fiam has transcended the boundaries of design, their products have become more than just beautiful modern glass furniture, they can be classed as works of art. A great example of this is the chair Ghost. The skill required to produce something so elegant and fragile looking from glass, yet make it structurally sound functional is clear from just observing it. Ghost would look at home in any art gallery, but the fact that it is also usable shows that the imagination of the designer can been backed up by the knowledge and talent of the Fiam production department. Ghost is a timeless classic (it was designed in 1987!) that over the years has won many awards for its beauty and innovation, and was also chosen to represent and explain Italian design at the at the MeetDesign exhibition in Turin. The longevity if this design is proof that Fiam, in conjunction with the world's top designers, can blur the line between art and design, creating wonderful pieces that capture the imagination of generations. It is also validates the visionary 1973 mission statement of Fiam founder Vittorio Livi who stated that: “Glass would become a unique star in the world of fine design, being used to produce items of furniture which would be astonishingly solid yet beautifully transparent; design items which would rise above the age of their production, untouched by the passing years, spaces and fashions.” Ghost is designed by Cini Boeri and Tomu Katayanagi, click the link below for more details...   Ghost    

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