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FIAM was born from one mans passion for glass.
Vittorio Livi founded FIAM in 1973. FIAM designs, develops andmanufactures items of furniture in curved glass, creating them through a combination of craftsmanship and industrial processes.Glass is a complex material,it can be bothsolid and fragile, natural and artificial, ancient and industrial all at the same time. Advantages for use in furnitureinclude being environmentally-friendly and hygienic. Young Vittorio Livi saw the practical qualities of glass andits potential toexcel in the world of fine design. His vision wasglassbeing used to produce items of furniture which would be astonishingly solid yet beautifully transparent;that would be untouched by the passage of time and fashions. From its earliest days, FIAMfocused on innovation as the driving force for achievingtheseaims. This innovation would proceed on three fronts:
Skilled craftsmanship

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