Horm Storage

Whether these are chest of drawers or closet cabinets, Horm storage facilities are uniquely designed and contemporary. Horm is an expert in making high-end Italian furniture. Horm storage is made of sturdy materials complemented with the creativity of the designers from the brand. The details in Horm furniture are very important because they naturally become the focus of attention. There is a dynamic effect in the innovative designs employed by Horm. Some designs are intellectually created with optical effects to make them more attractive.

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Blend Wardrobes by Horm

Horm Blend Wardrobes


Moony Cabinet by Horm

Horm Moony Cabinet


Anish Cabinet by Horm

Horm Anish Cabinet


Backstage Cabinet by Horm

Horm Backstage Cabinet


ComRi Cabinet by Horm

Horm ComRi Cabinet


Oblique Cabinet by Horm

Horm Oblique Cabinet


Tide Cabinet by Horm

Horm Tide Cabinet


Leon Cabinet by Horm

Horm Leon Cabinet


Polka Dot Cabinet by Horm

Horm Polka Dot Cabinet


AR Cabinet by Horm

Horm AR Cabinet


We can supply all Horm products direct from the factory. Please contact us if you require an item that is not listed or a specification we don't show.

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Riddled Front by Horm

Riddled Front by Horm

This is a multifaceted sideboard/buffet  with a unique eye-catching design. The walnut doors are perforated to allow for a striking effect which is en....