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Wolfgang Lounge by Fornasarig

Fornasarig Wolfgang Lounge

Cascade Chair by Manutti

Manutti Cascade Chair

Auki Lounge Chair by lapalma

lapalma Auki Lounge Chair


Lem Armchair by Miniforms

Miniforms Lem Armchair

Yoisho Armchair by Potocco

Potocco Yoisho Armchair

Evy Lounge Chair by Softline

Softline Evy Lounge Chair

Step Lounge 904.75 by Tonon

Tonon Step Lounge 904.75


Balu Lounge Met by Trabaldo

Trabaldo Balu Lounge Met


Giulia Armchair by Tacchini

Tacchini Giulia Armchair

Glide Chair by Tacchini

Tacchini Glide Chair

Baobab Chair by Tacchini

Tacchini Baobab Chair

Roma Armchair by Tacchini

Tacchini Roma Armchair

Sessann Armchair by Tacchini

Tacchini Sessann Armchair

Noom Chair by Actiu

Actiu Noom Chair

Vibe Chair by Cane-line

Cane-line Vibe Chair


Encore Lounge Chair by Cane-line

Cane-line Encore Lounge Chair


The Lounge Chair by Mater Design

Mater Design The Lounge Chair

Zendo Chair by Manutti

Manutti Zendo Chair

Colony Armchair by Miniforms

Miniforms Colony Armchair

Opla Armchair by Pianca

Pianca Opla Armchair

Naan Armchair by Pianca

Pianca Naan Armchair

Maui Soft Chair by Riva 1920

Riva 1920 Maui Soft Chair

Havana Armchair by Softline

Softline Havana Armchair

Java Chair by Softline

Softline Java Chair

News on Lounge Chairs

Pasha by Pedrali

Pasha by Pedrali

Pedrali, specialists in contemporary moulded seating, have a new polycarbonate chair in production that is already making waves in the design community. ....

Vivienne Lounge Chair from Porada

Vivienne Lounge Chair from Porada

Porada continue their diversification into soft furnishings with a sumptuous modern louge chair called Vivienne. The chair has strongly defined lines gi....

Heta Bergere by Frag

Heta Bergere by Frag

Heta Bergere is a new lounge chair recently exhibited at the Milan Furniture Fair by leather specialists Frag. This comfortable armchair has a natural a....

Ara Lounge by Pedrali

Ara Lounge by Pedrali

Ara Lounge is the nature evolution of 'Ara 310', the hugely popular dining chair designed by Jorge Pensi. Here we have a chair designed to be used unive....

Queen of Love by Slide

Queen of Love by Slide

Queen of Love is a fascinating throne-like lounge chair with an ornate design inspired by Rococo designs of the past. A playful chair with a sense of ....

Ivy by Emu

Ivy by Emu

Ivy is a uniquely styled collection of outdoor furniture. The main design feature is the mesh-like metal body that lends a lightweight quality to each pro....