Porada's Ella Chair: It Starts with Love

Everything starts from love.

That's the lesson that Italian furniture brand Porada wants to impart to its clients and the public. Every piece of furniture curated by the brand is made out of love--the love for craftsmanship, the love for creativity, the love for wood and furniture, and the love for life.

Porada shares how love creates beauty through the Ella--Ella the short film, and Ella the chair. When you visit Porada's website, you will be welcomed by a short film with the core message: Everything Starts from Love. The minute-and-a-half film tells the story of Porada founder Luigi Allievi; how his love for his woman inspired him to create a beautiful piece of furniture.

In a poetic parallelism between love for wood and love for a woman in the short runs the common thread of passion as the engine of every action--in work as in life, Porada stated in its website. From the hands of the founder comes an elegant chair with sinuous lines in which wood lives, and is told in any of our products.

Ella 1

The furniture featured in the short story is the Ella, one of the designs in the collection created by Patrick Jouin.

The Ella is mainly made from solid canaletta walnut. The seat is solid as are the arms. The seat is padded with foam covered in ones choice of fabric from the brands collection. The end-feet are made of nylon.

The chair looks classic and timeless, which is probably why it was chosen to be featured in the film that tells the history of Porada. It is versatile--great as dining chairs, also perfect for special events.

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