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Hopla Table by Slide

Hopla by Slide

Hopla is a contemporary table in different sizes and heights making it useful for a variety of locations and requirements. Made from molded polyethylene using the latest production techniques and sporting a round or square top made from solid laminate. Hopla is available in coffee table, dining table and bar table heights and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. An illuminated version adds a touch of razzmatazz to any outdoor gathering!   Click on the links below for more information:   Hopla Round Hopla Square        

Queen of Love by Slide

Queen of Love by Slide

Queen of Love is a fascinating throne-like lounge chair with an ornate design inspired by Rococo designs of the past. A playful chair with a sense of humor and irony, Queen of Love is equally at home indoors or outdoors, and is available in a wide color palette.   Part of a wider family of furniture with equally bold designs and detailing. Click on the link below for more details.   Queen of Love  

Kami Collection from Slide

Kami by Slide

The ‘Kami’ Collection is a family of ultra stylish outdoor furniture made by Slide. The design is inspired by the ancient art of origami with various cuts and folds producing a flowing and sinuous shape with a strong contemporary feel. Perfect for a patio area or lounging around the pool. Illuminated versions are available. Click on the links below for more information   Kami Ichi Kami Ni Kami San Kami Yon  


Slide products have a fresh vibe and an original sense of style. Slide specialize in plastics such as polyurethane/polyethylene and use modern rotational molding techniques to create flowing shapes or intricate details. The range includes dining chairs, lounge chairs, tables, loungers and stools, most of which are suitable for outdoor use, and many of which have illuminated versions.



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