Glass Desks

Nothing says contemporary office more than modern glass desks. The transparent nature of glass furniture makes the modern office look more spacious. But aside from the practical aspect, glass desks are also visually stunning. There is a high level of elegance and modernity when it comes to contemporary glass desks. Glass furniture is also very easy to complement with when it comes to accessories. Some of these glass desks are complemented with wooden or metallic components. Our lineup comprises various designs ranging from the basic to the unique in order to fit the user's lifestyle and taste.

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Server Cabinet by Tonelli

Tonelli Server Cabinet


Gulliver Console Table by Tonelli

Tonelli Gulliver Console Table


Work Box Desk by Tonelli

Tonelli Work Box Desk


Strata Desk by Tonelli

Tonelli Strata Desk


Bright Desk by Fiam

Fiam Bright Desk


Luxor Desk by Fiam

Fiam Luxor Desk


Kasteel Desk by Tonelli

Tonelli Kasteel Desk


Rialto L Desk by Fiam

Fiam Rialto L Desk


Rialto Isola Desk by Fiam

Fiam Rialto Isola Desk


Graph Desk by Fiam

Fiam Graph Desk


Golden Desk by Unico Italia

Unico Italia Golden Desk


Scribe Desk by Fiam

Fiam Scribe Desk


Bridge Desk by Sovet

Sovet Bridge Desk

Atlas Desk by Fiam

Fiam Atlas Desk


Arkitek Desk by Actiu

Actiu Arkitek Desk

Accademia 097 Desk by Steelline

Steelline Accademia 097 Desk


Abaco Desk by Pacini & Cappellini

Pacini & Cappellini Abaco Desk

Victor Desk by Elite Modern

Elite Modern Victor Desk

Haven Desk by Elite Modern

Elite Modern Haven Desk

News on Glass Desks

Penrose Desk by Isao Hosoe for Tonelli

Penrose Desk by Isao Hosoe for Tonelli

Penrose is an ultra contemporary office desk by renowned furniture designer Isao Hosoe and produced by Tonelli. Made from 15mm thick sections of bonded ....

Server by Tonelli

Server by Tonelli

An innovative modern glass cabinet/home desk for PC or laptop use. The pull out desk is on wheels and simply rolls out when required, providing room for....

Rialto Isola by Fiam

Rialto Isola by Fiam

Fiam have introduce a stylish new desk called Rialto Isola - made from 2 sections of bent glass and joined with aluminum brackets. This desk has a futu....

Quiller by Tonelli

Quiller by Tonelli

The new Quiller range designed by Uto Balmoral for Tonelli is stunning bold in simplicity and subtlety. Refined touches such as the shallow beveled edg....