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Cushion Fabric Options

Pedrali Category D Fabric (D31-D39)

Pedrali Category D Fabric (D31-D39)

Pedrali Category H (H40 to H53) Velvet

Pedrali Category H (H40 to H53) Velvet

Pedrali Cushion Fabric (C36-C39)

Pedrali Cushion Fabric (C36-C39)

Pasha Data Sheet

Pasha Lounge Chair by Pedrali


A unique modern armchair, combining a traditional sense of design with modern materials and production techniques. The chair is moulded entirely from polycarbonate and has a glossy finish. You can also add a cushion for increased comfort, see samples document below for available colors. Pasha Pouf sold separately.



Product name


Designer Dondoli and Pocci
Shipping time 9 to 12 weeks
Shipping charge FREE
Made in Italy

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