Fiam Mirrors

Fiam mirrors are works of art. They are pieces of furniture because they are functional, but they are also gorgeous, hence work of art. As Italian brand Fiam puts it, the mirror is for looking at the face; the work of art is for looking at the soul. These lineup of mirrors are made from the signature Fiam glass. The beautiful art pieces crafted by the brand come in different sizes and in different forms. Some mirrors are hung, others are free standing.

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Caadre Mirror by Fiam

Fiam Caadre Mirror


Hiroshi Mirror by Fiam

Fiam Hiroshi Mirror


Rosy Mirror by Fiam

Fiam Rosy Mirror


Lucy Mirror by Fiam

Fiam Lucy Mirror


Venus Mirror by Fiam

Fiam Venus Mirror


Mir Mirror by Fiam

Fiam Mir Mirror


Caldeira Mirror by Fiam

Fiam Caldeira Mirror


Admiral Mirror by Fiam

Fiam Admiral Mirror


Mirage Mirror by Fiam

Fiam Mirage Mirror


Venus 200 Mirror by Fiam

Fiam Venus 200 Mirror


Christine Mirror by Fiam

Fiam Christine Mirror


Lollipop Mirror by Fiam

Fiam Lollipop Mirror


Dorian Mirror by Fiam

Fiam Dorian Mirror


Mary Mirror by Fiam

Fiam Mary Mirror


Phantom Mirror by Fiam

Fiam Phantom Mirror


Kathleen Mirror by Fiam

Fiam Kathleen Mirror


Caadre TV by Fiam

Fiam Caadre TV


Pop TV by Fiam

Fiam Pop TV


Reverso Mirror by Fiam

Fiam Reverso Mirror


We can supply all Fiam products direct from the factory. Please contact us if you require an item that is not listed or a specification we don't show.

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Rosy by Fiam

Rosy by Fiam

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