Glass Bookcases

Transparency allows the sight to pass through the material, which gives the illusion of additional space. This is why glass bookcases are not only elegant looking, they are also ergonomically practical for contemporary spaces. The sophisticated material also helps enhance the design pieces or books displayed in the glass bookcases. It doesn't matter what the design is: wall-to-wall glass bookcase, floor-to-ceiling glass bookcase, slim bookcase and uniquely styled bookcase, these modern glass cabinets are perfect for the modern home.


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Liber H Cabinet by Tonelli

Tonelli Liber H Cabinet


Liber M Cabinet by Tonelli

Tonelli Liber M Cabinet


Liber B Cabinet by Tonelli

Tonelli Liber B Cabinet


Liber A Bookcase by Tonelli

Tonelli Liber A Bookcase


Liber D Cabinet by Tonelli

Tonelli Liber D Cabinet


Liber E End Table by Tonelli

Tonelli Liber E End Table


Babelle Cabinet by Fiam

Fiam Babelle Cabinet


Infinity Bookcase by Unico Italia

Unico Italia Infinity Bookcase


Transistor Bookcase by Tonelli

Tonelli Transistor Bookcase


Albero Bookcase by Tonelli

Tonelli Albero Bookcase


Libreria Bookcase by Tonelli

Tonelli Libreria Bookcase


Transparenza Bookcase by Tonelli

Tonelli Transparenza Bookcase


Dazibao Mirror Bookcase by Tonelli

Tonelli Dazibao Mirror Bookcase


Trasparenza Bookcase by Tonelli

Tonelli Trasparenza Bookcase


OK 8 Shelves Bookcase by DomItalia

DomItalia OK 8 Shelves Bookcase


Foulard Bookcase by Fiam

Fiam Foulard Bookcase


Babila Bookcase by Fiam

Fiam Babila Bookcase


Mensole Bookcase by Fiam

Fiam Mensole Bookcase


Infinity Bookcase by Compar

Compar Infinity Bookcase


Scala del Cielo Bookcase by Tonelli

Tonelli Scala del Cielo Bookcase


Paradigma Bookcase by Tonelli

Tonelli Paradigma Bookcase


News on Glass Bookcases

Liber bookcases by Tonelli

Liber bookcases by Tonelli

Liber areĀ a large family of different sized bookcases all evolved from a single shape. Each size has a different function, from bedside/end table to la....

Magique Side and Magique Totem by Fiam

Magique Side and Magique Totem by Fiam

These two exciting new products from the Magique family have been introduced by Fiam at the 2013 Milan Furniture Fair. Both products utilise sheet glass....

Sphera by Unico Italia

Sphera by Unico Italia

Sphera is a unique shelving unit with a circular back panel. The 4 acid-etched glass shelves protrude from this panel and are curved at the edge in keep....

Digit by Tonelli

Digit by Tonelli

Digit is a family of versatile objects that can be used as end tables, coffee tables or hung on the wall as bookshelves. Made from 15mm thick sections o....

Quiller by Tonelli

Quiller by Tonelli

The new Quiller range designed by Uto Balmoral for Tonelli is stunning bold in simplicity and subtlety. RefinedĀ touches such as the shallow beveled edg....