Tonelli Bookcases

Modern and stylish, Tonelli bookcases are functional and really beautiful. The designs are meticulously curated so that they are durable and stunning. Tonelli specializes in researching the best way to manufacture glass furniture. Glass bookcase is great for maximizing space—it makes the space of any room bigger than it actually is because of the extra clear characteristic. There are so many designs to choose from—some modular, others are free-standing; some designs are quirky and others are just gorgeous.

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Liber H Cabinet by Tonelli

Tonelli Liber H Cabinet


Liber B Cabinet by Tonelli

Tonelli Liber B Cabinet


Liber A Bookcase by Tonelli

Tonelli Liber A Bookcase


Liber D Cabinet by Tonelli

Tonelli Liber D Cabinet


Liber E Nightstand by Tonelli

Tonelli Liber E Nightstand


Transistor Bookcase by Tonelli

Tonelli Transistor Bookcase


Albero Bookcase by Tonelli

Tonelli Albero Bookcase


Trasparenza Bookcase by Tonelli

Tonelli Trasparenza Bookcase


Dazibao Mirror Bookcase by Tonelli

Tonelli Dazibao Mirror Bookcase


Trasparenza Bookcase by Tonelli

Tonelli Trasparenza Bookcase


Paradigma Bookcase by Tonelli

Tonelli Paradigma Bookcase


Scala del Cielo Bookcase by Tonelli

Tonelli Scala del Cielo Bookcase


We can supply all Tonelli products direct from the factory. Please contact us if you require an item that is not listed or a specification we don't show.

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Liber bookcases by Tonelli

Liber bookcases by Tonelli

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Digit by Tonelli

Digit by Tonelli

Digit is a family of versatile objects that can be used as end tables, coffee tables or hung on the wall as bookshelves. Made from 15mm thick sections o....

Quiller by Tonelli

Quiller by Tonelli

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