Glass Mirrors

Decorating a wall is always tricky because beauty in art is in the eyes of the beholder. Glass mirrors, though, provide more than just beauty--they have their practical function as well. The basic use is to provide reflection, and its practical use is to make spaces look bigger than their actual size. Our collection of glass mirrors have the distinct qualities of being gorgeous, elegant and artistic--perfect for every wall of the modern home or commercial establishment. These glass mirrors are art worthy to be displayed.


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Caadre Mirror by Fiam

Fiam Caadre Mirror


Hiroshi Mirror by Fiam

Fiam Hiroshi Mirror


Omero Mirror by Ivano Antonello Italia

Ivano Antonello Italia Omero Mirror


Ego Mirror by Unico Italia

Unico Italia Ego Mirror


Vertigo  Mirror by Unico Italia

Unico Italia Vertigo Mirror


Venus Mirror by Fiam

Fiam Venus Mirror


Mir Mirror by Fiam

Fiam Mir Mirror


Callas 7528 Mirror by Tonin Casa

Tonin Casa Callas 7528 Mirror

Giolo Mirror by Porada

Porada Giolo Mirror

Fittipaldi 90 Mirror by Tonelli

Tonelli Fittipaldi 90 Mirror


Shiki Mirror by Tonelli

Tonelli Shiki Mirror


Fittipaldi 180 Mirror by Tonelli

Tonelli Fittipaldi 180 Mirror


Admiral Mirror by Fiam

Fiam Admiral Mirror


Autostima Piccolo Mirror by Tonelli

Tonelli Autostima Piccolo Mirror


Autostima Grande Mirror by Tonelli

Tonelli Autostima Grande Mirror


Stati d Animo Mirror by Tonelli

Tonelli Stati d Animo Mirror


Soglia Mirror by Tonelli

Tonelli Soglia Mirror


Hotto Mirror by Porada

Porada Hotto Mirror

Rimmel Mirror by Porada

Porada Rimmel Mirror

Pearl Mirror by Porada

Porada Pearl Mirror

Giove Mirror by Porada

Porada Giove Mirror

Surf Mirror by Porada

Porada Surf Mirror

Bands Mirror by Tonelli

Tonelli Bands Mirror


Riflesso Mirror by De Castelli

De Castelli Riflesso Mirror

Christine Mirror by Fiam

Fiam Christine Mirror


Backstage Cabinet by Horm

Horm Backstage Cabinet


Sophie Mirror by Mater Design

Mater Design Sophie Mirror

Flag Mirror by Porada

Porada Flag Mirror

Ops 1 Mirror by Porada

Porada Ops 1 Mirror

Frame Mirror by De Castelli

De Castelli Frame Mirror

Dorian Mirror by Fiam

Fiam Dorian Mirror


Gill Mirror by Horm

Horm Gill Mirror


Hook Mirror by Porada

Porada Hook Mirror

Stars Mirror by Porada

Porada Stars Mirror

Barcode Mirror by Tonelli

Tonelli Barcode Mirror


City Life Mirrors by Tonelli

Tonelli City Life Mirrors


Mary Mirror by Fiam

Fiam Mary Mirror


Syro Mirror by De Castelli

De Castelli Syro Mirror

Phantom Mirror by Fiam

Fiam Phantom Mirror


Odino Mirror by Porada

Porada Odino Mirror

Pop TV by Fiam

Fiam Pop TV

Reverso Mirror by Fiam

Fiam Reverso Mirror


Mamanonmama Mirror by Horm

Horm Mamanonmama Mirror


Ops 2 Mirror by Porada

Porada Ops 2 Mirror

Mix Mirror by Porada

Porada Mix Mirror

Sail Mirror by Sovet

Sovet Sail Mirror

News on Glass Mirrors

Discover Phantom by Fiam

Discover Phantom by Fiam

Fiam Phantom mirror, presented during theĀ 2015 Salone del Mobile, comes from the creative genius of the artist and master of light Helidon Xhixha and from....

Quiller by Tonelli

Quiller by Tonelli

The new Quiller range designed by Uto Balmoral for Tonelli is stunning bold in simplicity and subtlety. RefinedĀ touches such as the shallow beveled edg....