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Caruso by Miniforms Nominated for Award

Caruso by Miniforms Award

The outlandish design and boundary pushing usability of Caruso by Miniforms has been recognized with a nomination for a Design Award from archiproducts. Caruso is a sideboard that links to your smart phone to play music. The innovative design, unique look and use of technology made this product an eye-catching element of the Miniforms stand at the 2016 Milan Furniture Fair. Miniforms have put together a short video below showing the practical usability of the item that challenges us to think ‘is this furniture?’ Click on the link below for more information and color options: Caruso  

Decapo by Miniforms

Decapo from Miniforms

Decapo is a versatile modern dining table available in fixed and extending sizes, with more than a slight nod to Scandinavian living in its minimalist form. The rounded wooden legs have a real classical feel, yet when paired with the sleek glass top (black or white) the result is a stunning contemporary dining table, simple in design and practical to use. Click on the link below for more images and information:   Decapo    

Maciste by Miniforms

Mastice by Miniforms

The Maciste table has a distinctive modern design and flexibility of use thanks to the numerous finishes available and the internal gas lift, giving it the ability to rise from coffee table to dining table height or from dining table to bar table height. A fixed height dining table version is also available. The base and stem are lacquered in a range of subtle pastel colors, the top can be lacquered to match the base or you can choose a veneered wood top for a more contemporary look to make a bold statement.   Click on the links below for more information:   Maciste Maciste Bar  

Keplero by Miniforms


A great wooden dining table with a unique base that can be configured differently depending on your needs. The base is made up of 4 legs on different levels that can be turned around. The base is available with a wooden finish to match the top or a lacquered finish to provide a modern contrast. The wooden top (walnut or oak) has an irregular shaped edge, emphasising the natural beauty and quality of the raw materials used.   Click on the link below for more information:   Keplero  

Tripode by Miniforms


A new modern dining table from Miniforms featuring an imposing wooden base consisting of 3 wooden beams that intricately dissect each other. A very masculine design, strong in character that will look at home in the modern home. Base available in oak or walnut with a 12mm thick glass top.   Click the link below for more details:   Tripode  

Ettore by Miniforms


An essentially modern extending dining table available in various sizes and finishes. The two extension leaves are held in place underneath the table top and simply flip out into place on hinges. The table has a contemporary, slender feel – the different finishes create totally different looks giving this table a versatility in terms of where it can be used.   Click on the links below for more details:   Ettore  

Caixa and Caixa XL by Miniforms


Miniforms have introduced two truely unique pieces of furniture from the 2012 Milan Furniture Fair. Caixa and Caixa XL are wooden sideboards with built-in speakers, an amplifier, iPod dock and remote control. The speakers can be linked up to your TV or portable MP3 player. This stunning combination of furniture and sound system creates an integrated system for storage and playing music. If you hate the sight of wires and cords this product is for you! Both units are available in wooden finishes or lacquered in red, white or black. See links below for full product info: Caixa Caixa XL  

First dining table by Miniforms


‘First’ by Miniforms is an incredible modern dining table constructed entirely from steel. This gives the table amazing strength, toughness and a great look. First is characterised by the square section leg, a running theme of this table is straight edges and right angles. One of the few all metal dining tables currently available and definitely on of the most stylish, the painted finish is achieved using thermosetting powders, a process that ensures a smooth finish, toughness and heat resistance. The vivid red and yellow colors really make this table stand out, whereas black and white finishes can be chosen if a subtler look is required. Click here for all size options   Click on the link…

Artu dining table by Miniforms


Artu is a stunning new dining table from Miniforms, available as a fixed length dining table in a variety of sizes , or as an extending dining table using 1 or 2 extension leaves. The wooden table top is available with a walnut veneer or a new finish called oak (sawn effect). This is a textured finish with small grooves running across the wood grain literally giving the table a sawn effect. As well as providing a non-slip surface this finish also looks and feels great.   The supporting frame is made from aluminium and joins the table top and legs. The angle and shape of the legs creates a strong, imposing style as is in-keeping with the  minimalistic theme running through…

Valerie dining chair by Miniforms


In Valerie Miniforms wanted to create a chair that was the archetype of sitting, both in the form of the chair and in the material used. The primary function of Valerie is to fulfil its primary function, to provide a welcoming place to sit! In realising this aim Miniforms made a distinction between the seat and frame, which provide separate functions, comfort and support. As a result the seat and frame are made from different materials in order to perform the task required of them. The analytical approach to the design of Valerie has not only created a chair that is functional but one that is beautiful. The frame is slim and elegant and the seat is minimalistic and unobtrusive. Each…

Miniforms Designer Focus – Andrea Lucatello

Andrea Lucatello

Andrea Lucatello, industrial designer, born in Treviso in 1968, lives and works in Biancade (Treviso). Since his youth, he gained experience in varied industries, forming his experience, his creativity and knowledge of manufacturing techniques of composite materials in particular, in the design of furniture. He currently works with many Italian companies dealing with design and interior decoration, from the initial conception of the idea until the final manufacture of the product. His works give rise to an original style, with a strong personality and an avant-garde design. Full list of his  work with Miniforms below: Aria Cliff Galaga Modus Oyster Pepper – Large Pepper – High Pepper – Snack Pepper – Stool Pepper Quartz – Quartz Dining Table – Quartz Mirror Rock Slim Square…

Miniforms – Company Profile

Minifoms Company Profile

Miniforms was born in Italy in the early seventies as the evolution of Inveta (Industria Veneta small tables), a company founded in 1962 and producer of small tables and furnishing accessories. In the late eighties, Miniforms facing the international market, expanding its production and introduced chairs, tables and bookcases, expanding the catalogue of new solutions for living. In 2009 Luigi Bardini, Miniforms founder, sold the company to his son Alessandro, and Mario Matt, who now invest in advanced production techniques and work with some of the best young talents of Italian design. The style that inspired the company is one of simplicity and pure beauty, using authentic materials and the with consideration for the environment. The shapes, finishes and…


Miniforms is a well established Italian furniture brand, producing for many years some of the most creative contemporary designs. The Miniforms philosophy is to use authentic materials and talented young designers to create functional modern furniture with essential and clean forms, lines and colors. The materials used range from solid wood to sheet steel, aluminium and glass and produce dining tables, chairs, bookcases, stools, cabinets, end tables, mirrors, consoles, TV units and coffee tables.


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