Plastic Dining Tables


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U Table by Tonon

Tonon U Table


Paris Dining Table by Compar

Compar Paris Dining Table


Peak Bar Tables by Slide

Slide Peak Bar Tables


Ed Dining Table by Slide

Slide Ed Dining Table


Canard Dining Table by Horm

Horm Canard Dining Table


Invisible Table by Kartell

Kartell Invisible Table

Glossy Table by Kartell

Kartell Glossy Table

Coccode Dining Table by Slide

Slide Coccode Dining Table


Apex Dining Table by TemaHome

TemaHome Apex Dining Table


Gino Dining Table by Slide

Slide Gino Dining Table


Square Dining Table by Slide

Slide Square Dining Table


Dr Na Table by Kartell

Kartell Dr Na Table

Drum Tables by Billiani

Billiani Drum Tables

News on Plastic Dining Tables

Invisible by Kartell

Invisible by Kartell

Invisible is a new family of furniture from Kartell. Comprising of a coffee table, dining table and side table, Invisible strikes at the heart of essent....