Leather Dining Chairs

For modern comfort and design, choose contemporary leather dining chairs. They are easy to clean and allows a luxurious feel. Our collection of contemporary leather chairs blend in with the modern design of a home or restaurant. We have a wide range of styles that fit the interior of the modern dining room. They also come in different colors: black, white, red, brown, coffee and everything in between. We provide furniture designed and manufactured by the best brands in the world that craft leather dining chairs with modern and contemporary lifestyle in mind.


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Princess 128.12 Chair by Tonon

Tonon Princess 128.12 Chair


Kamy Chair by Fiam

Fiam Kamy Chair


Darling 1 Chair by Frag

Frag Darling 1 Chair


Alice H Chair by Bontempi

Bontempi Alice H


Bella 376.01 Chair by Tonon

Tonon Bella 376.01 Chair


Euthalia Chair by Tonon

Tonon Euthalia Chair


Twist Chair by Tonon

Tonon Twist Chair


Spirit 404.01 Chair by Tonon

Tonon Spirit 404.01 Chair


Dress Chair by Fiam

Fiam Dress Chair


Priscilla Chair by Trabaldo

Trabaldo Priscilla Chair


Plate 46/50 Chair by Kristalia

Kristalia Plate 46/50 Chair

He Chair by Tonon

Tonon He Chair


Club Chair by Tonon

Tonon Club Chair


Barley 109.19 Chair by Tonon

Tonon Barley 109.19 Chair


Luna Armchair by Trabaldo

Trabaldo Luna Armchair


Mivida 7212 Chair by Tonin Casa

Tonin Casa Mivida 7212 Chair

Desy S Chair by Antonello Italia

Antonello Italia Desy S Chair


Iki W Chair by Frag

Frag Iki W Chair


Beret 301.12 Chair by Tonon

Tonon Beret 301.12 Chair


Harmony 134 Chair by Trabaldo

Trabaldo Harmony 134 Chair


Coccola Leather Chair by Parri

Parri Coccola Leather Chair


Donna Chair by Antonello Italia

Antonello Italia Donna Chair


Villa Chair 323.11 by Tonon

Tonon Villa Chair 323.11


Spirit 404.11 Chair by Tonon

Tonon Spirit 404.11 Chair


Fenice Chair by Sedit

Sedit Fenice Chair


Vittoria Chair by Sedit

Sedit Vittoria Chair


Join Me Chair by Tonon

Tonon Join Me Chair


Barley Armchair by Tonon

Tonon Barley Armchair


Ray Armchair by Horm

Horm Ray Armchair


Harmony 135 Chair by Trabaldo

Trabaldo Harmony 135 Chair


Firefly Chair by Trabaldo

Trabaldo Firefly Chair


Mivida 7213 Chair by Tonin Casa

Tonin Casa Mivida 7213 Chair

Easy/SC Chair by Parri

Parri Easy/SC Chair


Spirit 404.03 Chair by Tonon

Tonon Spirit 404.03 Chair


Holly One Chair by Trabaldo

Trabaldo Holly One Chair


Luna Chair by Trabaldo

Trabaldo Luna Chair


Vivienne 7258 Chair by Tonin Casa

Tonin Casa Vivienne 7258 Chair

Doodle Chair  by Tacchini

Tacchini Doodle Chair

Alfa Chair by Bontempi

Bontempi Alfa


Elf Chair by Frag

Frag Elf Chair

Nata Chair by Bontempi

Bontempi Nata


Cut Chair by lapalma

lapalma Cut Chair


Vivian Bistro Chair by Elite Modern

Elite Modern Vivian Bistro Chair

Dua Chair by Kristalia

Kristalia Dua Chair

Kelly Chair by Bontempi

Bontempi Kelly


Tilly Chair by Porada

Porada Tilly Chair

Ionis Chair by Porada

Porada Ionis Chair

Pelleossa Chair by Miniforms

Miniforms Pelleossa Chair

Emma Chair by Porada

Porada Emma Chair

Sorrento Chair by Tonin Casa

Tonin Casa Sorrento Chair

Doa Chair by Frag

Frag Doa Chair

Shell Lounge Chair by Mater Design

Mater Design Shell Lounge Chair

Clara M Chair by Bontempi

Bontempi Clara M


Mava Dining Chair by Punt Mobles

Punt Mobles Mava Dining Chair


Emi Chair by Pianca

Pianca Emi Chair

Kendra Chair by Bontempi

Bontempi Kendra


Margot Chair by Bontempi

Bontempi Margot


Pass Chair by lapalma

lapalma Pass Chair


Mayfair Chair by Tacchini

Tacchini Mayfair Chair

Ele Chair by Frag

Frag Ele Chair

Shell Dining Chair by Mater Design

Mater Design Shell Dining Chair

Joko Chair by Kristalia

Kristalia Joko Chair

1085 Chair by Kristalia

Kristalia 1085 Chair

Elephant Chair by Kristalia

Kristalia Elephant Chair

Iola Dining Chairs by Miniforms

Miniforms Iola Dining Chairs

Montevideo Chair by Tacchini

Tacchini Montevideo Chair

Tyris Dining Chair by Punt Mobles

Punt Mobles Tyris Dining Chair


News on Leather Dining Chairs

Gilda by Bonaldo

Gilda by Bonaldo

Gilda is a stylish modern dining chair that finds a nice balance between minimalism and detail. The chair has a sturdy metal frame and upholstered seat ....

Aria by Bonaldo

Aria by Bonaldo

Aria is a new dining chair from Bonaldo, with an ultra-stylish, ultra-modern design. The seat is slim and sleek and comes in a wide choice of contempora....

Olivia by Antonello Italia

Olivia by Antonello Italia

Olivia is an ultra stylish new dining chair from Antonello Italia, first previewed at the 2013 Milan Furniture Fair. A shapely back and legs combined wi....

Musa by Frag

Musa by Frag

Musa is an interesting leather dining chair available with or without arms. At first the design seems simple, an angular shape covered entirely in leath....

Vittoria by Sedit

Vittoria by Sedit

Vittoria is a chair with an original, ultra modern design while retaining the style and elegance expected in a chair of this stature. The lines are ver....

The all new Filly range from Bonaldo

The all new Filly range from Bonaldo

Filly is a brand new range of seating from the studios of Bartoli Design and made by the Italian craftsmen of Bonaldo. The design has an overall feeling....

Eral dining chair from Bonaldo

Eral dining chair from Bonaldo

Eral is a slender new high-backed dining chair from Bonaldo, designed to prioritise comfort and style without compromise. The chair has a metal frame, p....

Deli chair from Bonaldo

Deli chair from Bonaldo

The new Deli chair from Bonaldo has a simple elegant design that allows the pure form of the shape to shine through. Padded with Bonaldo's new crush pro....

Dindi chair by Frag

Dindi chair by Frag

Dindi is a new modern dining chair from leather specialists Frag with a distinctive angular shape, softened somewhat by the leather upholstery. The chai....

Kati collection from Frag

Kati collection from Frag

A collection of contemporary leather chairs with different leg styles. Each member of the Kati family has the same distictive angular seat shape, althou....

Bacall by Fiam

Bacall by Fiam

The new Bacall chair from Fiam offers elegance and style in abundance with a chair made for the modern home. The softly curved design oozes class and ap....

Lamina dining chair by Bonaldo

Lamina dining chair by Bonaldo

Lamina is a great all round dining chair showcasing the high quality of material and craftsmanship synonymous with Bonaldo. The chair is practical as w....