Wooden Dining Chairs


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Dua Chair by Kristalia

Kristalia Dua Chair

Tonbo Dining Chair by Kristalia

Kristalia Tonbo Dining Chair

Nestor Chair by Mater Design

Mater Design Nestor Chair

Nova Chair by Mater Design

Mater Design Nova Chair

Gamma Chair by Pianca

Pianca Gamma Chair

Inari Chair by Pianca

Pianca Inari Chair

Hiru Chair by Potocco

Potocco Hiru Chair

Keel Chair by Potocco

Potocco Keel Chair

Tilly Chair by Porada

Porada Tilly Chair

Velis Armchair by Potocco

Potocco Velis Armchair

Malva Dining Chair by Tonin Casa

Tonin Casa Malva Dining Chair

Stria Chair by Kristalia

Kristalia Stria Chair

Apple 762 Chair by Pedrali

Pedrali Apple 762 Chair

Whass Chair by Actiu

Actiu Whass Chair

Endless Lounge Chair by Cane-line

Cane-line Endless Lounge Chair


Anja Chair by DomItalia

DomItalia Anja Chair

Oscar Chair by Fiam

Fiam Oscar Chair


Seela Chair by lapalma

lapalma Seela Chair


Shell Lounge Chair by Mater Design

Mater Design Shell Lounge Chair

Fedra Chair by lapalma

lapalma Fedra Chair


Pelleossa Chair by Miniforms

Miniforms Pelleossa Chair

Zen Chair by Pedrali

Pedrali Zen Chair

Evelin Chair by Porada

Porada Evelin Chair

Celine Chair by Porada

Porada Celine Chair

Lip Chair by Porada

Porada Lip Chair

Emma Chair by Porada

Porada Emma Chair

Tiara Chair by Porada

Porada Tiara Chair

Greta Chair by Potocco

Potocco Greta Chair

Memory Chair by Potocco

Potocco Memory Chair

Mava Dining Chair by Punt Mobles

Punt Mobles Mava Dining Chair

Sorrento Chair by Tonin Casa

Tonin Casa Sorrento Chair

Blazer 633 Chair by Billiani

Billiani Blazer 633 Chair


Kisat Chair by lapalma

lapalma Kisat Chair

Esse Chair by Pianca

Pianca Esse Chair

Sena Chair by Punt Mobles

Punt Mobles Sena Chair

Minima Chair by Potocco

Potocco Minima Chair

T-Chair by Tacchini

Tacchini T-Chair

Basket Chair by Cane-line

Cane-line Basket Chair


Maritime Chair by Casamania

Casamania Maritime Chair

1085 Chair by Kristalia

Kristalia 1085 Chair

Shell Dining Chair by Mater Design

Mater Design Shell Dining Chair

Miunn Chair by lapalma

lapalma Miunn Chair


Oiva Chair by lapalma

lapalma Oiva Chair


Mariolina Chair by Miniforms

Miniforms Mariolina Chair

Serena Chair by Porada

Porada Serena Chair

Sveva Chair by Porada

Porada Sveva Chair

Velis Tub Chair by Potocco

Potocco Velis Tub Chair

Blossom Chair by Potocco

Potocco Blossom Chair

Lyz Chair by Potocco

Potocco Lyz Chair

Contorna Chair by Kristalia

Kristalia Contorna Chair

Bice Chair by Miniforms

Miniforms Bice Chair

Grace Chair by Potocco

Potocco Grace Chair

Anja M Chair by DomItalia

DomItalia Anja M Chair

Tyris Dining Chair by Punt Mobles

Punt Mobles Tyris Dining Chair

Kate Chair by Bontempi

Bontempi Kate Chair


Drop Chair by Bontempi

Bontempi Drop Chair


Vibe Chair by Cane-line

Cane-line Vibe Chair


Traffic Chair by DomItalia

DomItalia Traffic Chair

Coquille L Chair by DomItalia

DomItalia Coquille L Chair

Moon Chair by DomItalia

DomItalia Moon Chair

La-Dina Chair by Horm

Horm La-Dina Chair


Q/Wood Armchair by Kartell

Kartell Q/Wood Armchair

San Diego Chair by Manutti

Manutti San Diego Chair

Kai Chair by lapalma

lapalma Kai Chair


Olo Chair by lapalma

lapalma Olo Chair


Malibu Chair by Manutti

Manutti Malibu Chair

Mula Chair by Miniforms

Miniforms Mula Chair

Iola Dining Chairs by Miniforms

Miniforms Iola Dining Chairs

Trend 441 Chair by Pedrali

Pedrali Trend 441 Chair

Cleo Chair by Tonin Casa

Tonin Casa Cleo Chair

News on Wooden Dining Chairs

New Tilda Dining Chair by Porada

New Tilda Dining Chair by Porada

The new Tilda chair is a stunning modern dining chair that showcases the beauty and quality of the raw materials used by Porada. The chair design is qui....

Babila range from Pedrali

Babila range from Pedrali

Babila is a new chair from Pedrali designed to suit any dining environment. The chair is versatile and practical whilst maintaining the typical style and ....

Roxanne by Trabaldo

Roxanne by Trabaldo

Roxanne is a beautiful contemporary dining chair with an angular structure providing great strength and a strong character. The frame is made from solid....

Osaka by Pedrali

Osaka by Pedrali

Osaka is a beautiful new chair from Pedrali with a strong personality, crafted from curved plywood and solid ash wood. The special angle of the seat com....