Plastic Dining Chairs


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Plana Chair by Kristalia

Kristalia Plana Chair

Air Chair by Magis

Magis Air Chair

Masters Chair by Kartell

Kartell Masters Chair

Frilly Chair by Kartell

Kartell Frilly Chair

3X2 Chair by Parri

Parri 3X2 Chair


Dr Yes Chair by Kartell

Kartell Dr Yes Chair

Pulp Chair by Kristalia

Kristalia Pulp Chair

Gel-T Chair by DomItalia

DomItalia Gel-T Chair

Phantom Chair by DomItalia

DomItalia Phantom Chair

Elephant Chair by Kristalia

Kristalia Elephant Chair

Up Chair 907.73 by Tonon

Tonon Up Chair 907.73


Gel-B Chair by DomItalia

DomItalia Gel-B Chair

Echo Chair by DomItalia

DomItalia Echo Chair

Baba Chair by DomItalia

DomItalia Baba Chair

Cyborg Chair by Magis

Magis Cyborg Chair

Up Chair 907.11 by Tonon

Tonon Up Chair 907.11


Maui Chair by Kartell

Kartell Maui Chair

Easy Chair by Magis

Magis Easy Chair

Ciak 974 Chair by Emu

Emu Ciak 974 Chair


La Marie Chair by Kartell

Kartell La Marie Chair

Up Chair 907.61 by Tonon

Tonon Up Chair 907.61


Aqua Chair by Bontempi

Bontempi Aqua


Audrey Chair by Kartell

Kartell Audrey Chair

Face Chair by Kristalia

Kristalia Face Chair

Gipsy Chair by Bontempi

Bontempi Gipsy


Aria Chair by Bontempi

Bontempi Aria


Troy Chair by Magis

Magis Troy Chair

Tako 451.11 Chair by Tonon

Tonon Tako 451.11 Chair


Baba-Jr Chair by DomItalia

DomItalia Baba-Jr Chair

Gel-Sl Chair by DomItalia

DomItalia Gel-Sl Chair

Hoop Chair by Parri

Parri Hoop Chair


For You 2 Chair by DomItalia

DomItalia For You 2 Chair

Gel-L Chair by DomItalia

DomItalia Gel-L Chair

Hidra Chair by Bontempi

Bontempi Hidra


Pikaia Chair by Kristalia

Kristalia Pikaia Chair

Bombo Chair by Magis

Magis Bombo Chair

Ciak 975 Chair by Emu

Emu Ciak 975 Chair


New Retro Chair by DomItalia

DomItalia New Retro Chair

Papyrus Chair by Kartell

Kartell Papyrus Chair

Lucky 906.01 Chair by Tonon

Tonon Lucky 906.01 Chair


Nine Eighteen Chair by Tonon

Tonon Nine Eighteen Chair


Up Chair 907.01 by Tonon

Tonon Up Chair 907.01


Zoe Chair by Slide

Slide Zoe Chair


Hole 7207 Chair by Tonin Casa

Tonin Casa Hole 7207 Chair

Step 904.01 Chair by Tonon

Tonon Step 904.01 Chair


Angolo Retto Chair by Slide

Slide Angolo Retto Chair


Kami Ichi Chair by Slide

Slide Kami Ichi Chair


Chair First by Magis

Magis Chair First

Dolly Chair by Kartell

Kartell Dolly Chair

Gloria Chair by Slide

Slide Gloria Chair


Doublix Chair by Slide

Slide Doublix Chair


Q4 Chair by Slide

Slide Q4 Chair


Thalya Chair by Kartell

Kartell Thalya Chair

Body to Body Chair by Parri

Parri Body to Body Chair


Eva Chair by Bontempi

Bontempi Eva


Dr No Chair by Kartell

Kartell Dr No Chair

Hi Cut Chair by Kartell

Kartell Hi Cut Chair

Amelie Chair by Slide

Slide Amelie Chair


Chiacchiera Chair by Parri

Parri Chiacchiera Chair


Tosca Chair by Magis

Magis Tosca Chair

Comback Chair by Kartell

Kartell Comback Chair

Nihau Chair by Kartell

Kartell Nihau Chair

Mou Chair by Slide

Slide Mou Chair


Aida Chair by Magis

Magis Aida Chair

Bla Chair by Parri

Parri Bla Chair


Gel R Chair by DomItalia

DomItalia Gel R Chair

Uma Chair by Actiu

Actiu Uma Chair

Moments Chair Stackable by Cane-line

Cane-line Moments Chair Stackable


Lizz Chair by Kartell

Kartell Lizz Chair

Re-Chair by Kartell

Kartell Re-Chair

Mem Chair by Kristalia

Kristalia Mem Chair

Bora Chair by Nardi

Nardi Bora Chair

Doga Chair by Nardi

Nardi Doga Chair

Karbon Chair by Actiu

Actiu Karbon Chair

Viva Chair by Actiu

Actiu Viva Chair

Wing Chair by Actiu

Actiu Wing Chair

For You Chair by DomItalia

DomItalia For You Chair

Venice Chair by Kartell

Kartell Venice Chair

Whass Chair by Actiu

Actiu Whass Chair

Bek Chair by Horm

Horm Bek Chair

Ocean Chair by Mater Design

Mater Design Ocean Chair

Net Armchair by Nardi

Nardi Net Armchair

Erica Chair by Nardi

Nardi Erica Chair

Plek Chair by Actiu

Actiu Plek Chair

Him & Hers Chairs by Casamania

Casamania Him & Hers Chairs

LP Chair by Kristalia

Kristalia LP Chair

Plana Chair by Kristalia

Kristalia Plana Chair

Quo Chair by Tonon

Tonon Quo Chair

MIT Chair by Actiu

Actiu MIT Chair

Pulp Chair by Kristalia

Kristalia Pulp Chair

Vela Chair by Potocco

Potocco Vela Chair

News on Plastic Dining Chairs

Masters Dining Chair by Kartell

Masters Dining Chair by Kartell

World renowned designer Philippe Starck continues his highly successful collaboration with Kartell by combining 3 classic chair shapes to produce Masters. ....

Blitz Chair from Pedrali

Blitz Chair from Pedrali

Blitz was the new chair at this years Milan fair that really caught our eye. A great mix of practicality and funky design, the seat has a textured finis....

Blues by Bonaldo

Blues by Bonaldo

Blues is a new stackable dining chair, designed by Dondoli and Pocci and made by Bonaldo. The chair is a single piece, moulded in polypropylene using ....

Loto & Loto W by Bonaldo

Loto & Loto W by Bonaldo

Loto & Loto W are new dining chairs from Bonaldo that use the same moulded plastic polymer seat, which is available in a variety of transparent and....

Kartell - 15 Years of Transparency

Kartell - 15 Years of Transparency

15 Years of Transparency with Phillippe Starck. In 1999 Kartell were pioneers in creating a completely transparent chair, using a material that had....

Pedrali at Salone del Mobile 2015

Pedrali at Salone del Mobile 2015

One of the highlights of this years furniture fair in Milan was the Pedrali stand where they presented new chair concepts that will be available in the nea....