Contemporary & Modern Stools

Stools were the first seating furniture. It used to be a simple singular seat without backrests. But the simple seat has since evolved and the designs now range from the simple to the complex. A lot of the stool designs are now meant to aid in making the interior of the house look more modern and contemporary. Our range of stools are great for domestic and commercial purposes. There are short stools that double as corner tables and stools that are average in height for seating purposes. Then there are also the high stools or bar stools that are perfect for either the home bar or restaurant bar.

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Miro Stool by Riva 1920

Riva 1920 Miro Stool

Joko Stool by Kristalia

Kristalia Joko Stool

Montecarlo Stool by Steelline

Steelline Montecarlo Stool


Dino Stool by Riva 1920

Riva 1920 Dino Stool

Line LNS302-A Stool by Fornasarig

Fornasarig Line LNS302-A Stool


Dart Stool by Kristalia

Kristalia Dart Stool

Moka MKT301-A Stool by Fornasarig

Fornasarig Moka MKT301-A Stool


Cap Soft Stool by Trabaldo

Trabaldo Cap Soft Stool


Spoon Stool by Kartell

Kartell Spoon Stool

Masters Stool by Kartell

Kartell Masters Stool

Milk Stool by Miniforms

Miniforms Milk Stool

Lift Stool by Trabaldo

Trabaldo Lift Stool


Mia Barstool 412 by Emu

Emu Mia Barstool 412


Bella GP Stool by Frag

Frag Bella GP Stool


Basicwood Bar Stool BWS301-A by Fornasarig

Fornasarig Basicwood Bar Stool BWS301-A


Flut Stool by Ivano Antonello Italia

Ivano Antonello Italia Flut Stool


Vitos Stool by Miniforms

Miniforms Vitos Stool

Pandoro Stool by Slide

Slide Pandoro Stool


Bungalow Bar Stool by Riva 1920

Riva 1920 Bungalow Bar Stool

Nhino Stool by Trabaldo

Trabaldo Nhino Stool


Slim Stool by Kristalia

Kristalia Slim Stool

Sunrise Stool by Trabaldo

Trabaldo Sunrise Stool


Lechuck Stool by Miniforms

Miniforms Lechuck Stool


Ceppo End Table by Alf Dafre

Alf Dafre Ceppo End Table


Modo Stool by Ivano Antonello Italia

Ivano Antonello Italia Modo Stool


Mamy/B Bar Stool by Parri

Parri Mamy/B Bar Stool


Diamond Stool by Trabaldo

Trabaldo Diamond Stool


Brichello Stool by Riva 1920

Riva 1920 Brichello Stool

Playa-SA/B Stool by DomItalia

DomItalia Playa-SA/B Stool

Yard Stool 533 by Emu

Emu Yard Stool 533


Roby Stool by Ivano Antonello Italia

Ivano Antonello Italia Roby Stool


Zag Stool by Trabaldo

Trabaldo Zag Stool


Ludo Accent Stool by Riva 1920

Riva 1920 Ludo Accent Stool

Vite Brugola Stool by Riva 1920

Riva 1920 Vite Brugola Stool

Form Stool by Compar

Compar Form Stool


Fiord Stool by Riva 1920

Riva 1920 Fiord Stool

Sella Stool by Tonon

Tonon Sella Stool


Gel-Sga Stool by DomItalia

DomItalia Gel-Sga Stool

Barley Stool 109.44 by Tonon

Tonon Barley Stool 109.44


Degree Stool by Kristalia

Kristalia Degree Stool

Wave Stool 901.45 by Tonon

Tonon Wave Stool 901.45


3X2/Bar Stool by Parri

Parri 3X2/Bar Stool


Dedo Stool by Miniforms

Miniforms Dedo Stool


Up Stool by Tonon

Tonon Up Stool


Cap Stool by Trabaldo

Trabaldo Cap Stool


BCN Fixed Stool by Kristalia

Kristalia BCN Fixed Stool

Ello Stool by Riva 1920

Riva 1920 Ello Stool

Mamy/Bar Stool by Parri

Parri Mamy/Bar Stool


Gala Stool by Riva 1920

Riva 1920 Gala Stool

Koncord Stool by Slide

Slide Koncord Stool


Wave Stool 901.41 by Tonon

Tonon Wave Stool 901.41


Elena Max Stool by Sedit

Sedit Elena Max Stool


Lucrezia Max Stool by Sedit

Sedit Lucrezia Max Stool


Sella Stool 2 by Tonon

Tonon Sella Stool 2


Drink Stool by Slide

Slide Drink Stool


Barney Stool by Riva 1920

Riva 1920 Barney Stool

Bouchon Stool by DomItalia

DomItalia Bouchon Stool

Echo-Sga Stool by DomItalia

DomItalia Echo-Sga Stool

MoneyPenny Stool by Tonon

Tonon MoneyPenny Stool


Beret 301.41 Stool by Tonon

Tonon Beret 301.41 Stool


3X2/B Bar Stool by Parri

Parri 3X2/B Bar Stool


Pipe Stool by Magis

Magis Pipe Stool

Yuyu Stool by Magis

Magis Yuyu Stool

Sirio Stool by Porada

Porada Sirio Stool

360° Stool by Magis

Magis 360° Stool

Easy Bar Q 3 Stool by Parri

Parri Easy Bar Q 3 Stool


Voila Stool by Slide

Slide Voila Stool


Stool One by Magis

Magis Stool One

Rope Stool by Riva 1920

Riva 1920 Rope Stool

Bridge Air Stool by Sedit

Sedit Bridge Air Stool


Bottle Cap Stool by Riva 1920

Riva 1920 Bottle Cap Stool

Comodo Stool by Unico Italia

Unico Italia Comodo Stool


Fiore Stool by Riva 1920

Riva 1920 Fiore Stool

Tendence Stool by Tonon

Tonon Tendence Stool


Eta Beta Stool by Parri

Parri Eta Beta Stool


Bombo Stool by Magis

Magis Bombo Stool

Lyra Stool by Magis

Magis Lyra Stool

Rey Stool by Ivano Antonello Italia

Ivano Antonello Italia Rey Stool


Colander Stool by Kristalia

Kristalia Colander Stool

Rama Stool by Kristalia

Kristalia Rama Stool

Torii Stool by Porada

Porada Torii Stool

Torso Stool by Potocco

Potocco Torso Stool

Lusto Stool by lapalma

lapalma Lusto Stool

Wan Stool by Riva 1920

Riva 1920 Wan Stool

Lido Stool by Nardi

Nardi Lido Stool

Doodle Stool by Tacchini

Tacchini Doodle Stool

Frisee Stool by Billiani

Billiani Frisee Stool


Swing SGT Stool by DomItalia

DomItalia Swing SGT Stool

Lilly Stool by Frag

Frag Lilly Stool


One More Stool by Kartell

Kartell One More Stool

Sharky Stool Alu by Kristalia

Kristalia Sharky Stool Alu

Giro Stool by lapalma

lapalma Giro Stool


Earth Stool by Mater Design

Mater Design Earth Stool

Agra Stool by Potocco

Potocco Agra Stool

Quo Stool by Tonon

Tonon Quo Stool

Glove Stool by lapalma

lapalma Glove Stool

Radoc Stool by Manutti

Manutti Radoc Stool

Hiru Stool by Potocco

Potocco Hiru Stool

Bigne Stool by Riva 1920

Riva 1920 Bigne Stool

Doga Stool by Nardi

Nardi Doga Stool

Edith Stool by Trabaldo

Trabaldo Edith Stool

Wil Stool by lapalma

lapalma Wil Stool


News on Contemporary & Modern Stools

Rubik Stool by Pedrali

Rubik Stool by Pedrali

Rubik is a stylish modern stool, a single piece moulded from polycarbonate and available in transparent colors, or white/black (opaque). The sleek line....

Degree by Kristalia

Degree by Kristalia

Degree is a versatile and practical item of furniture with many uses. It can be used as a nightstand/end table, as a small table and as a low stool. Wit....

Sym Stool by Karim Rashid for Bonaldo

Sym Stool by Karim Rashid for Bonaldo

The Sym stool from Bonaldo is a modern interpretation of a functional bar stool that can be used in a contemporary kitchen or in a commercial setting in ....

Max Beam from Kartell

Max Beam from Kartell

Max Beam is a fun and useful new Kartell product designed by Ludovica & Roberto Palomba. Versatility is one of Max Beam's main qualities, it can be ....

Clip F by Bonaldo

Clip F by Bonaldo

Clip F is a brand new stool from Bonaldo - fitting in seamlessly to the ultra modern, almost futuristic style of design that they are known for. The des....

Totem Stool by Sovet

Totem Stool by Sovet

Sovet have introduced a new stool to their range which complements the existing Totem range of tables. Totem stool has a tapered cylindrical body which ....

Malmo Stool from Pedrali

Malmo Stool from Pedrali

The already successful Malmo range  has a new addition in the shape of a stylish stool. Following in the wake of dining chairs and tables, the stool ha....

The all new Filly range from Bonaldo

The all new Filly range from Bonaldo

Filly is a brand new range of seating from the studios of Bartoli Design and made by the Italian craftsmen of Bonaldo. The design has an overall feeling....

Nhino by Trabaldo

Nhino by Trabaldo

Nhino is a solid beech wood stool with a sinuous, ultra contemporary design. Available in 3 heights and a wide selection of RAL colors, Nhino is a stool....

Nolita from Pedrali

Nolita from Pedrali

Nolita, vintage chic...the title of the video below perfectly summarizes the inspiration behind the new outdoor chair from Pedrali. As a company Pe....

Quiller by Tonelli

Quiller by Tonelli

The new Quiller range designed by Uto Balmoral for Tonelli is stunning bold in simplicity and subtlety. Refined touches such as the shallow beveled edg....

Plumage by Bonaldo

Plumage by Bonaldo

Plumage is a beautiful new stool designed by Dondoli & Pocci and made by Bonaldo. The design has many outstanding elements, from the natural elega....

Ripples by Horm

Ripples by Horm

The 'Ripples' collection is an exhibition of the craftsmanship and quality of materials used by Horm in the manufacturing process. The collection consis....