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Clip F by Bonaldo

Clip F

Clip F is a brand new stool from Bonaldo – fitting in seamlessly to the ultra modern, almost futuristic style of design that they are known for. The design itself is quite simple, the sleek metal frame of the stool is cut from steel and lacquered to give a very clean, contemporary feel. The seat is made from soft, moulded polyurethane for comfort and matches the colour of the seat.   Click on the link below for more details on colours and pricing:   Clip F    

Match Dining Table by Bonaldo


Match is an ultra- stylish modern dining table from Bonaldo. This table is quite unique in terms of styling, combining elegant tapered wooden legs with a glass or ‘Doluflex’ top. Doluflex is a strong, light material consisting of 2 aluminium sheets with a corrugated layer of aluminium sandwiched in between. The extension leaf is also made of Doluflex. The contrast between the legs and top gives Match a real original feel and a unique, strong character.   Click on the link below for more details:   Match  

Muffin by Bonaldo


Muffin is an unusual and unique coffee table or end table by Bonaldo -new for 2013. The main structure is made from batch-dyed polyethylene and is available in a wide range of modern, fun colours. Muffin is supplied with a round steel top in white or anthracite grey.  This top can be removed to allow access to storage space within the table.   Click on the link below for more options.   Muffin  

Loto & Loto W by Bonaldo


Loto & Loto W are new dining chairs from Bonaldo that use the same moulded plastic polymer seat, which is available in a variety of transparent and opaque colours. The chair is available with a choice of metal tube legs (chromed or lacquered in matt colours) or wooden legs (solid ash in different stains). Both chairs offer a highly contemporary seating solution while being distinctly different in style.   Click on the links below for more details:   Loto Loto W  

Octa by Bonaldo


Octa by Bonaldo is a very special dining table with a distinctive base made from slim steel rods that gives the table a certain elegance and a strong contemporary feel. Bonaldo offer lots of choice in terms of table tops for Octa – glass, lacquered wood, veneered wood and solid walnut – the different materials and colours available for the top and base allow for personal customisation so the table suits the specific needs of the customer.   Click on the link below for more details and images:   Octa  

Orion – Coffee Table/End Table by Bonaldo


Orion are a selection of highly contemporary coffee table/end tables with a design that somehow manage to convey retro and futuristic vibes at the same time. The frame is made from curved steel tubes and supports a glass or ‘laminam’ (ceramic) top. Various finishes are available to suit the needs of the individual customer.   Click on the link below for more information:   Orion  

Aria by Bonaldo


Aria is a new dining chair from Bonaldo, with an ultra-stylish, ultra-modern design. The seat is slim and sleek and comes in a wide choice of contemporary leather and fabric colours. The chair features a cantilever base available in chromed or lacquered finishes. The overall look of the chair is very clean and would complement any modern dining or office space. The choices of colours available means the chair can be fun or formal. Click the link below for more details Aria  

Flag Table by Bonaldo


Flag is a superb new dining table from Bonaldo, it has a unique style that pushes the boundaries of new modern design. Flag is available in extending and fixed versions; the top, frame and legs are available in a choice of colours and finishes, allowing for a wide variety of different combinations.   The metal frame can be lacquered in white or orange to stand out and really make a statement, or in dove grey or anthracite grey to blend in with the rest of the table for a more subtle look. Click on the links below to view all size and finish options Flag Fixed Flag Extending  

Bonaldo Designer Focus – Mauro Lipparini

Mauro Lipparini

Mauro Lipparini earned a degree in Architecture in 1980 from Università degli Studi of Florence, where he also worked later as a professor. Lipparini’s intense activity in the field of industrial design covers office and home furniture, the textile industry and other products created for many companies in Europe and Japan. In architecture and interior design, Lipparini has concentrated mainly on private and public housing, on showrooms, retail sales outlets and exposition installations. Furthermore, Lipparini also designs and realizes advanced corporate identity image systems that range from graphics to editorial services to production. Lipparini’s style is based on the essential shapes and the clear and decisive lines that are characteristic of natural minimalism. His creations…

Bonaldo Designer Focus – Gino Carollo

Gino Carollo

Born in Vicenza in 1965, Gino Carollo started working in the field of industrial design in 1990, whilst also acting as the artistic director for prestigious furniture brands both in Italy and abroad. At the request of Assarredo, he took on the organization and image coordination of the Italian Pavillion at the International Furniture Fair in Cologne in 1992 and 1993. In 1992 he was also responsible for the Italian Pavillion at the ‘Intérieur’ fair in Vienna. In 1993 he took part in the ‘Dirattan’ exhibition in Milan; and in 1994, the exhibition ‘progetti e territori’ at the Abitare il tempo, Verona. Certain of his products have been exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art, New York. At this time he was awarded…

Bonaldo – Company Profile

Bonaldo Company Profile

Bonaldo have been producing creative, elegant, quality furniture since 1936. The company has always been interested in experimentation. In the early days the medium was tubular metal applications, now Bonaldo conducts conducts wide-ranging research into plastics, the use of different alloys and the use of materials such as pressure cast aluminium, flexible cold-pressed polyurethane and propylene. Always looking to stay ahead of the curve, Bonaldo invests heavily in research and development to enable the designers they work with to realise their vision. Using this philosophy Bonaldo continues to provide furniture for the contemporary home that expresses design and emotion, with a range of shapes and lines. Some of the industry’s top designers regularly work with Bonaldo, including Karim Rashid, Ron…

Panorama and Vision, TV Units from Bonaldo

Vision - Panorama

We have just added 2 new TV Units from Bonaldo that are designed to bring a glamorous touch to the most modern of living rooms.         Vision and Panorama are indulgent and luxurious; chromed metal parts and glossy lacquered finishes place these pieces amongst the most aesthetically pleasing TV Units available today. The units are also practical, with a built in bracket for your wide-screen TV and integrated shelving spaces for digiboxes and DVD players, as well as storage space for DVDs. These 2 products will showcase your TV in a way that will enhance and enrich your viewing experience.  


Bonaldo is one of the most innovative and creative Italian furniture brands around, with a long history of producing cutting edge and futuristic designs from materials such as plastic, glass, wood and leather. The range of Bonaldo furniture includes coffee tables, dining tables, dining chairs, bookcases, cabinets, mirrors, end tables, TV units, stools and sofas.


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