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Tavolante Aged Oak by Tonelli

Tavolante Aged Oak by Tonelli

The standard Tavolante by Marco Gaudenzi has been a big hit with interior designers and private customers alike, and the new addition is bound to further enhance the reputation of this iconic Tonelli dining table.   The new version further highlights the juxtaposition of old and new with a beautiful, thicker aged oak top to contrast the slim clean lines provided by the two glass ‘legs’.   Follow the link below for more images and size information: Tavolante Aged Oak

Pulse by Karim Rashid for Tonelli

Pulse by Tonelli

At first glance the Pulse coffee table is a modern glass coffee table with a simple but very stylish design, but the real genius of the design becomes apparent when multiple tables are placed next to each other to form a perfectly tessellating, flowing  pattern likened to the scales on a fish or waves on a beach. Karim Rashid is a regular collaborator with Tonelli and their pieces always seek to challenge the status quo both visually and conceptually.   Click on the link below for more images and details Pulse

Quiller by Tonelli

Quiller by Tonelli

The new Quiller range designed by Uto Balmoral for Tonelli is stunning bold in simplicity and subtlety. Refined touches such as the shallow beveled edges and slight overhangs where the glass panes intersect mark these products out as ultra contemporary pieces at home in any environment from the futuristic to traditional settings. These beautiful pieces of furniture really do speak for themselves, click on the various links below for more details:   Quiller Consolle Quiller Libreria Quiller Side Table Quiller Specchiera Quiller Tavolino

Atomic mirror by Tonelli


Atomic is a wonderful statement mirror made up of mirrored glass discs of different sizes and colors. This mirror rouses images of floating bubbles as the individual discs appear to be floating as suspended in the air. Two sizes of mirror are available with the choice of vertical and horizontal hanging. This mirror is sure to cause a stir and create conversation in any environment.   Atomic      

Lens and Lenses by Tonelli

Lens and Lenses by Tonelli

Here we have two great new products from Tonelli, designed by Paolo Grasselli, that perfectly compliment each other. Lens consists of two separate end tables that can be easily combined thanks to a cut out section in the shorter table. This allows the two tables to be pushed together to create a split level side table/end table. Lenses appears to be three separate tables but in reality is one table with table tops on three levels. This allows the solid glass stems to support the tops without the need for bases, giving the appearance of the table tops floating in mid-air. The color schemes offer subtly different tones for a modern visual effect.   Click…

Lapsus from Tonelli

Lapsus by Tonelli

Lapsus is a new extending dining table by designers Arrighi e Nisco for Tonelli Design. The outstanding feature of this new table is all new extension mechanism, easy to use and with an elegant feel. The video below shows the extending mechanism in action: The design of the table itself bears Tonelli’s trademark simplicity and faith in the quality and integrity of the raw materials used. Click on the link below for more product details:   Lapsus  

Bakkarat Alto from Tonelli

Bakkarat Alto by Tonelli

In 2013 Tonelli released a new design called ‘Bakkarat’, a collection of side tables with an innovative glass stem with a twisted look. Due to the popularity and acclaim of this side table, Tonelli presented dining table versions of this design at the 2014 Milan Furniture Fair. Two versions of this dining table are available: with a round top and single glass stem; or a rectangular top with 2 glass stems. Due to their innovative nature and unique stlye we are certain that these new additions to the Bakkarat range will become as popular as the end table version, if not more so. Click on the links below for more details:   Bakkarat Alto Bakkarat…

Mirage range from Tonelli

Mirage from Tonelli

Mirage is a quintessential Tonelli product, combining the beauty and simplicity of bonded glass with a clean, minimalist design. The family of products consists of a coffee table, end table and console table. Each is available in high quality extra clear glass for a pure look. The bonded glass based can also be customized with a wood veneer that has a mirrored finish on the inside. As far as we know this technique of placing wood veneer on glass is a first for the industry. Many different veneer finishes are available, click on the links below for more details:   Mirage (Coffee Table) Mirage Console Mirage Side Table  

Digit by Tonelli

Digit by Tonelli

Digit is a family of versatile objects that can be used as end tables, coffee tables or hung on the wall as bookshelves. Made from 15mm thick sections of bonded glass and shaped like number from a digital clock, Digit can be used in any number of configurations. The idea is simple, to create an uncomplicated form that is recognisable and practical for several uses.   Click on the link below for more images and full details:   Digit    

Veer Coffee Table & Veer Side Table by Tonelli

ok 042

A unique coffee table/side table designed by internationally renowned icon of design Karim Rashid. The top and base have contrasting styles, top with rounded edges and base with angular bold lines. A real standout design that will feel at home in any contemporary location.   Click on the links below for more details:   Veer Coffee Table Veer Side Table  

Server by Tonelli


An innovative modern glass cabinet/home desk for PC or laptop use. The pull out desk is on wheels and simply rolls out when required, providing room for a chair underneath. It can be pushed back over the cabinet when not in use to save space. The lower part of the cabinet has a shelf for easy access to books, files, etc. The upper part of the cabinet is open once the desk is pulled out, and has a gap for feeding through any wires and leads from printers/PCs etc. The entire unit is made from bonded sheets of 15mm thick smoked glass.   Click on the link below for more details:   Server  

Liber bookcases by Tonelli


Liber are a large family of different sized bookcases all evolved from a single shape. Each size has a different function, from bedside/end table to large bookcase and a chest resting on glass feet. Lacquered wooden drawers are available on request in 3 different sizes to fill the various gaps in the bookcases.   Click on the links below for more details:   Liber A Liber B Liber D Liber E Liber M  


Tonelli is one of the finest Italian glass furniture brands. Over the past 30 years, they have mastered the process of taking high precision cuts of thick glass and utilizing a uv bonding process to construct innovative and aesthetically stunning tables. Tonelli partnered with many world renowned designers such as Karim Rashid, Isao Hosoe and G. Tommaso Garattoni to fulfil the potential of the technology and create contemporary design masterpieces. The appeal and popularity of transparent furniture made entirely of glass has increased, as it compliments a variety of interior design schemes, doesn’t look dated as many other materials may do so and the placement of well made pieces of glass furniture can provide the same utility without cluttering or cramping the perception of space in a room.

The range of Tonelli glass furniture includes coffee tables, dining tables, bookcases, cabinets, mirrors, consoles and desks. Please contact us if you don’t see a product you like as can supply the whole product range.


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