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Pedrali – Factory Video Tour

Pedrali Wood Video

Click on the video below for a tour of the Pedrali Wood Production Unit in Manzano, Italy. This video was produced to celebrate 10 years of Pedrali wood production.    

Pedrali Wood Division Celebrates 10 Years

10 years of Pedrali wood division

The Pedrali Wood Division is celebrating 10 years of operation with the expansion of its production unit in Manzano. Here they have invested in the latest technical machinery including a new robotic painting system, which uses water-based paint products and numerically controlled machines for milling and contouring, and hollow-core board presses for bonding. A team of skilled craftsmen use these methods to create beautiful furniture from the very finest woods available. Since 2006 the Wood Division has seen the creation of numerous collections, including Frida, the oak chair designed by Odo Fioravanti, which was awarded the XXII ADI Compasso d’Oro prize in 2011 for its simple sculptural elegance. Pedrali believe in manufacturing most of the work of their furniture collections internally using plastic, metal and upholstered materials. The result is…

Spring Break with Pedrali Outdoor Collection

Pedrali Outdoor Collection 2016

Functional, versatile and colorful…these are the main features of the Pedrali outdoor collection, ideal for furnishing city terraces and outdoor public spaces, as well as bars and restaurants. The collection ranges from metal furniture with the vintage chic Nolita and the Intrigo seating, to the polypropylene seating of the Ara family, made unique by the characteristic handle on the back, which is a functional element and a highly expressive feature. Ypsilon has always been a popular table, this design classic has experienced a rebirth of sorts with the addition of a new pallette of colors to match the outdoor seating. Click on the links below to further explore the Pedrali Outdoor Collection: Nolita Intrigo Ara Ypsilon

NOLITA a winner at The Iconic Awards 2016

Nolita by Pedrali

Nolita, the Pedrali chair designed by Simone Mandelli and Antonio Pagliarulo, has been awarded with the new Iconic Awards 2016: Interior Innovation in the category ‘Outdoor Products’.   Nolita has an iconic shape and is completely made of steel, perfect for the garden or patio area.   The prize was awarded by the German Design Council during the IMM Fair in Cologne. Click on the links below to view this family of award winning products:     Nolita Nolita Stool    

Osaka by Pedrali

Osaka by Pedrali

Osaka is a beautiful new chair from Pedrali with a strong personality, crafted from curved plywood and solid ash wood. The special angle of the seat combined with the solid frame makes this chair comfortable (even without the padded seat) and structurally very strong. The video below details the ethos behind the design from the designers’ point of view, as well as the research and technology involved in such a project. Click on the links below for the different variations of Osaka:   Osaka 2810 Osaka 2811 Osaka 2815 Osaka 2816  

Intrigo by Pedrali

Intrigo by Pedrali

Here is a very special chair, die-cast from aluminium in order to realize a light, stylized chair with a complex shape. Intrigo lives up to it’s name, an intriguing meeting of sinuous lines that form interesting shapes that feed the imagination. The video below shows designers Marco Pocci & Claudio Dondoli explaining their inspiration for this chair that is sure to become a classic: Click on the link below for more information: Intrigo  

Nemea From Pedrali

Nemea by Pedrali

Nemea is a chair that appears to have a simple, traditional design – but this is a chair conceived with a meticulous eye for detail and with the finished article always in mind. Don’t just take our word for it, see the men responsible for this chair explain their design process in the video below: There are 2 model of Nemea, click on the links below for more details:   Nemea 2820 Nemea 2825  

Nolita from Pedrali

Nolita by Pedrali

Nolita, vintage chic…the title of the video below perfectly summarizes the inspiration behind the new outdoor chair from Pedrali. As a company Pedrali has come a long way since their inception and designers Simone Mandelli & Antonio Pagliarulo wanted to create a tribute to the first chair Pedrali put into production, a simple metal garden chair. The premise remained the same as all those years ago: create a light, practical chair for outdoor use that doesn’t dominate the space but instead provides a visually desirable form in a subtler way. The designers made full use of the latest metal processing technologies available from Pedrali to develop a chair and stool in a wide choice of fresh, summery…

Pedrali at Salone del Mobile 2015

Pedrali Salone

One of the highlights of this years furniture fair in Milan was the Pedrali stand where they presented new chair concepts that will be available in the near future. The brief video gives a sneak preview of some of these exciting designs:     For more Pedrali products click the link below: Pedrali    

Babila range from Pedrali

Babila from Pedrali

Babila is a new chair from Pedrali deisgned to suit any dining environment. The chair is versatile and practical whilst maintaining the typical style and elegance associated with Italian design. Babila has many guises and options, different colors, leg styles, and even an upholstered seat, making it a welcome and popular addition to the Pedrali chair range.   Click on the links below for more options:   Babila 2700 Babila 2710 Babila 2720 Babila Soft 2700A Babila Soft 2710A Babila Soft 2720A  

Malmo Lounge Chair by Pedrali

Malmo Lounge by Pedrali

The already successful Malmo range  has a new addition in the shape of a stylish lounge chair. Following in the wake of dining chairs, tables and stools, the lounge chair has a similar design inspired by the simplicity and functtionality of Scandanavian living. The stool is made form solid Ash and is available with several wood stains as well as an upholstered seat.   Click on the links below for more details:   Malmo Lounge 295 Malmo Lounge 296    

Malmo Stool from Pedrali

Malmo Stool by Pedrali

The already successful Malmo range  has a new addition in the shape of a stylish stool. Following in the wake of dining chairs and tables, the stool has a similar design inspired by the simplicity and functtionality of Scandanavian living. The stool is made from solid Ash and is available with several wood stains as well as an upholstered seat.   Click on the links below for more details:   Malmo Stool Malmo Fabric Stool  


Pedrali is one of the most contemporary Italian furniture brands, mainly specialising in seating made from wood and molded plastic, and many Pedrali chairs are available with an upholstered leather or fabric cover. Many of the products have been selected for international awards as recognition of the creativity and innovation of the design, rewarding the endless research and development program that is part of the company ethos. Pedrali products include dining chairs, dining tables, office chairs, stools and outdoor furniture,


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