Contemporary Dining Chairs

Contemporary dining chairs are more than just accessories of the dining table--they should feel more like home. With the help of the different furniture brands that garnered popularity all over the world, our line of modern dining chairs are aplenty with designs and styles that will suit the desire of every homeowner. There is always something for someone in our collection, which includes modern dining chairs with arms, contemporary dining chairs upholstered, contemporary black or white chairs, contemporary stacking chairs and modern dining chairs with chrome legs, among others. There are also different materials to choose from like wood, metal, plastic, polypropylene--all in contemporary style chairs.

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Whass Chair by Actiu

Actiu Whass Chair

Breeze Dining Chair by Cane-line

Cane-line Breeze Dining Chair


Moments Armchair by Cane-line

Cane-line Moments Armchair


Endless Lounge Chair by Cane-line

Cane-line Endless Lounge Chair


Anja Chair by DomItalia

DomItalia Anja Chair

Doa Chair by Frag

Frag Doa Chair

Shell Lounge Chair by Mater Design

Mater Design Shell Lounge Chair

Seela Chair by lapalma

lapalma Seela Chair


Radoc Chair by Manutti

Manutti Radoc Chair

Ocean Chair by Mater Design

Mater Design Ocean Chair

Fedra Chair by lapalma

lapalma Fedra Chair


Pelleossa Chair by Miniforms

Miniforms Pelleossa Chair

Apple 762 Chair by Pedrali

Pedrali Apple 762 Chair

Zen Chair by Pedrali

Pedrali Zen Chair

Emi Chair by Pianca

Pianca Emi Chair

Emma Chair by Porada

Porada Emma Chair

Evelin Chair by Porada

Porada Evelin Chair

Celine Chair by Porada

Porada Celine Chair

Lip Chair by Porada

Porada Lip Chair

Ionis Chair by Porada

Porada Ionis Chair

Garbo Chair by Porada

Porada Garbo Chair

Mava Dining Chair by Punt Mobles

Punt Mobles Mava Dining Chair

Lars Chair by Potocco

Potocco Lars Chair

Tiara Chair by Porada

Porada Tiara Chair

Memory Chair by Potocco

Potocco Memory Chair

Eden Chair by Softline

Softline Eden Chair

Sorrento Chair by Tonin Casa

Tonin Casa Sorrento Chair

T-Chair by Tacchini

Tacchini T-Chair

Mayfair Chair by Tacchini

Tacchini Mayfair Chair

Plek Chair by Actiu

Actiu Plek Chair

Kendra Chair by Bontempi

Bontempi Kendra


Diamond Chair by Cane-line

Cane-line Diamond Chair

Edge Armchair by Cane-line

Cane-line Edge Armchair


Less Dining Chair by Cane-line

Cane-line Less Dining Chair


Basket Chair by Cane-line

Cane-line Basket Chair

Newport Armchair by Cane-line

Cane-line Newport Armchair


Newport Chair by Cane-line

Cane-line Newport Chair


Peacock Chair by Cane-line

Cane-line Peacock Chair


Him & Hers Chairs by Casamania

Casamania Him & Hers Chairs

Maritime Chair by Casamania

Casamania Maritime Chair

Remember Me Chair by Casamania

Casamania Remember Me Chair

Stereo Metal Chair by Casamania

Casamania Stereo Metal Chair

Ele Chair by Frag

Frag Ele Chair

1085 Chair by Kristalia

Kristalia 1085 Chair

Elephant Chair by Kristalia

Kristalia Elephant Chair

Compas Chair by Kristalia

Kristalia Compas Chair

Joko Chair by Kristalia

Kristalia Joko Chair

LP Chair by Kristalia

Kristalia LP Chair

Plana Chair by Kristalia

Kristalia Plana Chair

Miunn Chair by lapalma

lapalma Miunn Chair


Oiva Chair by lapalma

lapalma Oiva Chair

Pass Chair by lapalma

lapalma Pass Chair


Shell Dining Chair by Mater Design

Mater Design Shell Dining Chair

Mariolina Chair by Miniforms

Miniforms Mariolina Chair

Serena Chair by Porada

Porada Serena Chair

Velis Tub Chair by Potocco

Potocco Velis Tub Chair

Lyz Chair by Potocco

Potocco Lyz Chair

Blossom Chair by Potocco

Potocco Blossom Chair

Ola Chair by Potocco

Potocco Ola Chair

Egao Chair by Potocco

Potocco Egao Chair

Sveva Chair by Porada

Porada Sveva Chair

Evy Lounge Chair by Softline

Softline Evy Lounge Chair

Quo Chair by Tonon

Tonon Quo Chair

Anja M Chair by DomItalia

DomItalia Anja M Chair

Traffic Chair by DomItalia

DomItalia Traffic Chair

Kelly C Chair by Tacchini

Tacchini Kelly C Chair

Kelly E Chair by Tacchini

Tacchini Kelly E Chair

Montevideo Chair by Tacchini

Tacchini Montevideo Chair

MIT Chair by Actiu

Actiu MIT Chair

Vibe Chair by Cane-line

Cane-line Vibe Chair


Lean Chair by Cane-line

Cane-line Lean Chair


Coquille L Chair by DomItalia

DomItalia Coquille L Chair

Miro Chair by DomItalia

DomItalia Miro Chair

P40 Armchair by Fasem

Fasem P40 Armchair

Sling Chair by Ethimo

Ethimo Sling Chair

Pulp Chair by Kristalia

Kristalia Pulp Chair

Q/Wood Armchair by Kartell

Kartell Q/Wood Armchair

Olo Chair by lapalma

lapalma Olo Chair


Malibu Chair by Manutti

Manutti Malibu Chair

San Diego Chair by Manutti

Manutti San Diego Chair

Kai Chair by lapalma

lapalma Kai Chair


Mula Chair by Miniforms

Miniforms Mula Chair

Iola Dining Chairs by Miniforms

Miniforms Iola Dining Chairs

Trend 441 Chair by Pedrali

Pedrali Trend 441 Chair

News on Contemporary Dining Chairs

Masters Dining Chair by Kartell

Masters Dining Chair by Kartell

World renowned designer Philippe Starck continues his highly successful collaboration with Kartell by combining 3 classic chair shapes to produce Masters. ....

Blitz Chair from Pedrali

Blitz Chair from Pedrali

Blitz was the new chair at this years Milan fair that really caught our eye. A great mix of practicality and funky design, the seat has a textured finis....

New Tilda Dining Chair by Porada

New Tilda Dining Chair by Porada

The new Tilda chair is a stunning modern dining chair that showcases the beauty and quality of the raw materials used by Porada. The chair design is qui....

Gilda by Bonaldo

Gilda by Bonaldo

Gilda is a stylish modern dining chair that finds a nice balance between minimalism and detail. The chair has a sturdy metal frame and upholstered seat ....

Blues by Bonaldo

Blues by Bonaldo

Blues is a new stackable dining chair, designed by Dondoli and Pocci and made by Bonaldo. The chair is a single piece, moulded in polypropylene using ....

Joko by Kristalia

Joko by Kristalia

Joko is a beautiful dining chair made by Kristalia. The chair has a natural curved shape that is playful and modern. A wide selection of fabric/leather a....

Canouan Q by Frag

Canouan Q by Frag

Canouan Q is a funky dining chair with leather upholstered seat on a cantilever base. The seat design is very modern and sure to stand out whatever the ....

Aria by Bonaldo

Aria by Bonaldo

Aria is a new dining chair from Bonaldo, with an ultra-stylish, ultra-modern design. The seat is slim and sleek and comes in a wide choice of contempora....

Valerie dining chair by Miniforms

Valerie dining chair by Miniforms

In Valerie Miniforms wanted to create a chair that was the archetype of sitting, both in the form of the chair and in the material used. The primary func....

Comback Rocking Chair from Kartell

Comback Rocking Chair from Kartell

Comback Rocking Chair is the latest variation of the recently released family of unique chairs designed by Patricia Urquiola. This version has curved w....

Karina by Antonello Italia

Karina by Antonello Italia

A comfortable and stylish modern dining chair - Karina is available upholstered in a wide choice of fabric and leather colors, giving it the flexibility a....

Loto & Loto W by Bonaldo

Loto & Loto W by Bonaldo

Loto & Loto W are new dining chairs from Bonaldo that use the same moulded plastic polymer seat, which is available in a variety of transparent and....

Olivia by Antonello Italia

Olivia by Antonello Italia

Olivia is an ultra stylish new dining chair from Antonello Italia, first previewed at the 2013 Milan Furniture Fair. A shapely back and legs combined wi....

Musa by Frag

Musa by Frag

Musa is an interesting leather dining chair available with or without arms. At first the design seems simple, an angular shape covered entirely in leath....

Babila range from Pedrali

Babila range from Pedrali

Babila is a new chair from Pedrali designed to suit any dining environment. The chair is versatile and practical whilst maintaining the typical style and ....

Vittoria by Sedit

Vittoria by Sedit

Vittoria is a chair with an original, ultra modern design while retaining the style and elegance expected in a chair of this stature. The lines are ver....

The all new Filly range from Bonaldo

The all new Filly range from Bonaldo

Filly is a brand new range of seating from the studios of Bartoli Design and made by the Italian craftsmen of Bonaldo. The design has an overall feeling....

Eral dining chair from Bonaldo

Eral dining chair from Bonaldo

Eral is a slender new high-backed dining chair from Bonaldo, designed to prioritise comfort and style without compromise. The chair has a metal frame, p....

Deli chair from Bonaldo

Deli chair from Bonaldo

The new Deli chair from Bonaldo has a simple elegant design that allows the pure form of the shape to shine through. Padded with Bonaldo's new crush pro....

Dindi chair by Frag

Dindi chair by Frag

Dindi is a new modern dining chair from leather specialists Frag with a distinctive angular shape, softened somewhat by the leather upholstery. The chai....

Kati collection from Frag

Kati collection from Frag

A collection of contemporary leather chairs with different leg styles. Each member of the Kati family has the same distictive angular seat shape, althou....

Kartell - 15 Years of Transparency

Kartell - 15 Years of Transparency

15 Years of Transparency with Phillippe Starck. In 1999 Kartell were pioneers in creating a completely transparent chair, using a material that had....

Pedrali at Salone del Mobile 2015

Pedrali at Salone del Mobile 2015

One of the highlights of this years furniture fair in Milan was the Pedrali stand where they presented new chair concepts that will be available in the nea....

Roxanne by Trabaldo

Roxanne by Trabaldo

Roxanne is a beautiful contemporary dining chair with an angular structure providing great strength and a strong character. The frame is made from solid....

Balu by Trabaldo

Balu by Trabaldo

The new Balu chair by Trabaldo is a comfortable chair fit for use as a dining chair and as a living room or reception chair. The figure-hugging shape of....

Bacall by Fiam

Bacall by Fiam

The new Bacall chair from Fiam offers elegance and style in abundance with a chair made for the modern home. The softly curved design oozes class and ap....

Intrigo by Pedrali

Intrigo by Pedrali

Here is a very special chair, die-cast from aluminum in order to realize a light, stylized chair with a complex shape. Intrigo lives up to it's name, a....

Osaka by Pedrali

Osaka by Pedrali

Osaka is a beautiful new chair from Pedrali with a strong personality, crafted from curved plywood and solid ash wood. The special angle of the seat com....

Nolita from Pedrali

Nolita from Pedrali

Nolita, vintage chic...the title of the video below perfectly summarizes the inspiration behind the new outdoor chair from Pedrali. As a company Pe....

Lamina dining chair by Bonaldo

Lamina dining chair by Bonaldo

Lamina is a great all round dining chair showcasing the high quality of material and craftsmanship synonymous with Bonaldo. The chair is practical as w....

Ivy by Emu

Ivy by Emu

Ivy is a uniquely styled collection of outdoor furniture. The main design feature is the mesh-like metal body that lends a lightweight quality to each pro....