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Sphera by Unico Italia

Sphera shelving unit

Sphera is a unique shelving unit with a circular back panel. The 4 acid-etched glass shelves protrude from this panel and are curved at the edge inkeeping with the rounded style. The back panel is available in a plain lacquered white or with a floral pattern, each equally at home in the modern home.   Click below for more details: Sphera

Move T065 by Ozzio

Move T065 end table

Move T065 is a very stylish multi-purpose side table that makes use of a simple technology rarely used in small tables. A gas lift cylinder is hidden within the metal column and allows the table to rise and fall to 3 set heights at the press of a button located on the base. The chromed finish on the base/column and the extra clear or moro glass options elevate this product to a higher level (no pun intended).¬†Essentially this is a simple product with a small number of components, so the quality of the materials used and the finish is key – Move T065 is a great example of this ethos. The top is available in…

Plano T255 by Ozzio

Plano dining table

Plano T255 is a modern extending dining table with a distinctive character. The design is stunningly simple and effective, the beauty is in the detail that allows for the minimalist look of this table. The glass top and extensions are set into a sleek aluminium frame to preserve the cleans lines whether or not the extensions are deployed. The table is supported by two thick glass legs at right angles to each other. The positioning of these two legs provides structural stability and visually gives the table a very strong look. Even though Plano is quite a simple design, the way glass sections are used as a support makes this table innovative. The glass supports…

Hug – Coffee Table/TV Unit by Sovet


Hug is a fantastic new product from Sovet – simple in design but highly practical and unfussy. Made from a single sheet of bent glass, the flowing design of Hug produces a 2 shelves on different levels, perfect for using as a coffee table or TV unit. The base of the unit is lacquered in a wide range of colours and sits on a wooden base to prevent scratching and provide added safety and stability. The minimalist design gives this product an ultra modern look that will enahance any modern living room.   Click on the link below for more details:   Hug  

Rialto Isola by Fiam

Rialto Isola

Fiam have introduce a stylish new desk called Rialto Isola – made from 2 sections of bent glass and joined with aluminium brackets. This desk has a futuristic, ultra modern vibe and would look great in a modern office setting or add style and a touch of splendor to your ¬†home office. Custom sizes are also available on request.   Click on the link below for more details:   Rialto Isola  

Bridge with Shelf/Drawer from Sovet

Bridge with Shelf

This new product from Sovet has a very clean contemporary look. The main body of the coffee table is bent glass with a central wooden drawer/shelf. The wider version of the two sizes also has a flat glass shelf alongside the wooden shelf/drawer. One great feature of Bridge is the wooden shelf/drawer. The handles-less design compliments the sleek design and is useful for storing magazine, etc and keeping your room free of clutter. The drawer is available in a variety of finishes to fit in to the colour scheme of your room. Bridge has such a popular and simple design that is flexible enough to fit in a variety of settings.   Click on the…

Magique Side and Magique Totem by Fiam


These two exciting new products from the Magique family have been introduced by Fiam at the 2013 Milan Furniture Fair. Both products utilise sheet glass uprights and glass boxes to form stunning storage and display units. Although very different in terms of size, these two products exhibit the same qualities and share the same DNA. By using different glass finishes (transparent/smoked/white etc) these products can be completely transformed from simple, essential objects of practicality to stylish, eye-catching pieces of furniture.   Click on the links below for more details:   Magique Totem Magique Side  

Ring – Coffee Table from Sovet


Ring is a new coffee table from Sovet – equally appealing in either version, with or without a glass top. The crucial characteristic of Ring is the curved metal part which can be a stylish coffee table in its won right or can act as the base when combined with a glass top. The interesting and original shape has a contemporary feel and looks great in the available colours of white or mocha. Adding a glass top creates a whole new product with an equally modern edge. Both versions will compliment any modern living space, adding a touch of style and sophistication.   Click the link below for more details:   Ring  

Doge by Sovet


Doge is the new stand-out dining table from Sovet. Made entirely from 15mm thick glass, Doge is a stunning example of craftsmanship and design. Sovet are one of the top glass furniture producers around and we just love their new offering. The table consists of 2 bent glass bases connected by a straight crossbar. This is a crucial design element as well as providing increased stability. The table is available in transparent or extra clear glass – or in many of the lacquered colours from the Sovet catalogue. The crossbar is also available in walnut or wenge wood, providing a contemporary twist.   Click on the link below for more details:   Doge  

Paesaggi and Paesaggi Side from Fiam


A unique take on glass coffee/side tables with surfaces on different levels. The products are made entirely from 12mm thick glass, the tops are bonded to the curved glass section(s) that make up the base. Paesaggi has a very individual character and is a product that really stands out from the crowd.   Click on the links below for more details:   Paesaggi Paesaggi Side  

Slim 8 Office by Sovet

Slim 8 Office

The Slim range from Sovet has proved to be a big hit with customers since its inception, and the latest addition to the family ‘Slim 8 Office’ looks set to become just as popular. This modern desk has the same understated, subtle style as existing products in the ‘Slim’ line – it is pleasing on the eye and conveys a quiet, contemporary coolness. As with most Sovet products Slim 8 Office is highly customizable, you can choose from an aluminium or lacquered frame and the glass top can be lacquered in colours from the Sovet ¬†colour chart (see product listing for all options). Click on the link below for more details:   Slim 8 Office…

Bright by Fiam


A great new contemporary office desk from Fiam made entirely from glass. The desk is made from 3 sheets of tempered glass which are fixed together with either glass brackets or aluminium brackets. The version with aluminum brackets can be dismantled. In the version with glass brackets the table is bonded together so cannot be dismantled. Bright is a unique contemporary desk, the simplicity of the design really allows the glass to speak for itself.   Click on the link below for more details:   Bright  


All Glass Furniture

All Glass Furniture

Viva Modern – Arch Coffee Table, $399 Fiam – Hasami, Mirrors, $3300 Fiam – Hiroshi, Mirrors, $2410 Fiam – Caadre, Mirrors, $3260 Fiam – Gallery, Mirrors, $1780 Fiam – Venus, Mirrors, $2450 Fiam – Admiral, Mirrors, $2600 Fiam – Mir, Mirrors, $4230 Fiam – Tetris, Mirrors, $792 Viva Modern – Arch Dining Table/Desk, $499 $439 Fiam – C&C Large, TV Units, $2470 Fiam – Kristal, TV Units, $3036 Fiam – Cobra, Accessory, $1630 Fiam – Homo Sapiens, Accessory, $2340 Fiam – Elix, Accessory, $2370 Fiam – Vogue, Accessory, $555 Fiam – Luminare Day & Luminare Expo, Storage, $5120 Tonelli – Kaddy, Storage, $4638 Calligaris – Display, TV Units, $3180 $2703 Italcomma – Diamante, Mirrors, $1031…


Glass Bookcases

Glass Bopkcases

New! Bonaldo – Up and Down, Bookcases, $2897 Tonelli – Liber M, Bookcases, $3325 Fiam – Inori System, Bookcases, $8690 Unico Italia – Sphera, Bookcases, $1170 Tonelli – Liber B, Bookcases, $3010 Tonelli – Cling, Bookcases, $1365 Tonelli – Transistor, Bookcases, $1484 Doimo – Skyline, Bookcases, $1948 Sovet – Delphi, Bookcases, $1898 Sovet – Delphi H96, Bookcases, $1189 Tonelli – Brama 1, Bookcases, $1925 Italcomma – Tratteggio Display Cabinet, Bookcases, $1707 Tonelli – Liber D, Bookcases, $1715 Tonelli – Liber E, Bookcases, $1243 Tonelli – Liber A, Bookcases, $3675 Tonelli – Brama 2, Bookcases, $2013 Unico Italia – Jack, Bookcases, $2089 Unico Italia – Infinity, Bookcases, $2807 Unico Italia – King, Bookcases, $2725 Unico Italia…


Glass Cabinets

Glass Cabinets

New! Porada – Kvadro, Cabinets, (Call for pricing) New! DomItalia – Bass, Cabinets, $3498 $2973 Tonelli – Liber B, Bookcases, $3010 Tonelli – Liber M, Bookcases, $3325 Tonelli – Server, Desks, $4200 Fiam – Magique Totem, Cabinets, $1950 Tonelli – Liber D, Bookcases, $1715 Italcomma – Tratteggio Display Cabinet, Bookcases, $1707 Italcomma – Metropolitan, Cabinets, $1032 Italcomma – 12Punto5, Cabinets, $3264 Doimo – Civic, Cabinets, $4118 Tonelli – Liber A, Bookcases, $3675 Fiam – Palladio, Cabinets, $3870 Fiam – Milo Expo, Cabinets, $2670 Fiam – Milo Sideboard, Cabinets, $6680 Fiam – Palladio Uno, Cabinets, $5360 Fiam – Babelle, Bookcases, $3630 Bonaldo – Quadrica, Cabinets, $6458 Miniforms – Vitrum, Cabinets, $6256 Unico Italia – Goccia, Cabinets,…


Glass Coffee Tables

Glass Coffee Tables

Viva Modern – Arch Coffee Table, $399 Unico Italia – Rigiro, Coffee Tables, $712 Viva Modern – Spazio, Coffee Tables, $497 $449 Tonelli – Bakkarat, Coffee Tables, $1260 Antonello Italia – Zen, Coffee Tables, $1335 Tonelli – Farniente Tondo, Coffee Tables, $1943 Tonelli – Fratina Due, Coffee Tables, $1628 Sovet – Taky, Coffee Tables, $922 Sovet – Bridge with Shelf/Drawer, Coffee Tables, $1577 Viva Modern – Float Coffee Table, $449 Viva Modern – Artisan Coffee Table, $499 Tonin Casa – Volup 8195, Coffee Tables, $1633 New! Steelline – Naxos, Coffee Tables, $1092 Tonin Casa – Velo 8166, Coffee Tables, $1347 New! Ozzio – E-Motion T105, Dining Tables, $4410 New! Ozzio – Box T110, Dining Tables,…


Glass Console Tables

Glass Consoles

Viva Modern – Simmetria, Desks, $379 Tonelli – Penrose Console, $2048 Viva Modern – Strata Console, $549 $499 Italcomma – Lancelot Console, $1612 Fiam – Dama, Console Tables, $3930 Fiam – Elementare, Console Tables, $1890 Viva Modern – Arch Console, Desks, $416 $399 Viva Modern – Arch Console with Shelf, $449 Sovet – Cricket, Console Tables, $2192 Fiam – Charlotte Consolle, Console Tables, $2920 Antonello Italia – Manta, Console Tables, $1985 Antonello Italia – Ade, Console Tables, $1551 Unico Italia – Xeno Console, $849 Unico Italia – Epoca Console, $1666 Unico Italia – Sagoma, Console Tables, $1353 Unico Italia – Alfred, Console Tables, $1068 Unico Italia – Golden, Console Tables, $977 Sovet – Slim Console,…


Glass Desks

Glass Desks

Viva Modern – Arch Dining Table/Desk, $499 $439 Italcomma – Wings, Dining Tables, $2035 Viva Modern – Form L Desk, Desks, $1595 Viva Modern – Simmetria, Desks, $379 Viva Modern – Float Dining Table/Desk, $649 Tonelli – Penrose Desk, Desks, $2958 Tonelli – Server, Desks, $4200 Viva Modern – Cristallo Dining Table/Desk, $1049 $889 Viva Modern – Form Dining Table/Desk, $549 Viva Modern – Arch Console, Desks, $416 $399 Fiam – Rialto Isola, Desks, $5790 Fiam – Bright, Desks, $1880 Fiam – Rialto Scrivania, Desks, $2000 Fiam – Rialto L a Parete, Desks, $2450 Fiam – Rialto L, Desks, $3870 New! DomItalia – Archie-180, Dining Tables, $2060 $1751 Fiam – Graph, Desks, $8460 Sovet -…


Glass End Tables

Glass End Tables

Fiam – Sigmy, End Tables, $1250 Fiam – Grillo, End Tables, $1540 Fiam – Omaggio Alvar Aalto Tris, End Tables, $4360 Steelline – Imperial, End Tables, $585 Tonelli – Bakkarat, Coffee Tables, $1260 Viva Modern – Arch Small Table Nest, End Tables, $279 $239 Tonelli – Joliet, End Tables, $1190 Sovet – Zeta, End Tables, $619 Fiam – Twin, End Tables, $1290 Fiam – Paesaggi Side, End Tables, $1780 New! Steelline – President, End Tables, $592 Viva Modern – Arch Small Sofa End Tables, , $159 $129 Tonelli – Nicchio, End Tables, $823 $575 Doimo – Basic Slim Side Table, End Tables, $540 Sovet – Bridge Trix, End Tables, $939 Sovet – Shell, End Tables,…


Glass Mirrors

Glass Mirrors

Fiam – Hasami, Mirrors, $3300 Fiam – Hiroshi, Mirrors, $2410 Fiam – Caadre, Mirrors, $3260 Fiam – Gallery, Mirrors, $1780 Fiam – Venus, Mirrors, $2450 Fiam – Admiral, Mirrors, $2600 Fiam – Mir, Mirrors, $4230 Fiam – Tetris, Mirrors, $792 Italcomma – Diamante, Mirrors, $1031 Italcomma – Queen, Mirrors, $1727 Italcomma – Riflessioni, Mirrors, $557 Tonin Casa – Callas 7528, Mirrors, $1115 Tonin Casa – Venice Night 8261, Mirrors, $1008 Kristalia – Mad Polished, Mirrors, $2244 Antonello Italia – Petalo, Mirrors, $1190 Antonello Italia – Omero, Mirrors, $931 Unico Italia – Vertigo XL, Mirrors, $2023 Unico Italia – Vertigo , Mirrors, $1005 Unico Italia – Ipso, Mirrors, $909 Unico Italia – Ego, Mirrors, $732 Unico…


Glass TV Units

Glass TV Units

Fiam – C&C Large, TV Units, $2470 Fiam – Kristal, TV Units, $3036 Calligaris – Display, TV Units, $3180 $2703 Tonelli – Scenario Round, TV Units, $1733 Antonello Italia – Daniel, TV Units, $2520 Antonello Italia – Bit, TV Units, $2844 Antonello Italia – Odean, TV Units, $3148 Unico Italia – Bridge, TV Units, $1353 Tonelli – Flo 1, TV Units, $2258 Tonelli – Mondovisione, Bookcases, $3448 Tonelli – Pallet, TV Units, $1645 Sovet – Toby, TV Units, $1099 Porada – Aaron, TV Units, (Call for pricing) Tonelli – Zapping, TV Units, $1645 Miniforms – CP Battista, TV Units, $231 Doimo – Odeon, TV Units, $874 $524 Tonelli – Plasmatic, TV Units, $1978 Tonelli -…


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