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Fiam “Ambassador of Italy’s image worldwide”

Fiam Award

On March 7th 2016 in Rome at the Quirinale Palace, President of Fiam Vittorio Livi was awarded the Premio Leonardo Qualità Italia by by Italian President Sergio Mattarella. Such a prestigious award is reserved exclusively to selected Italian companies that stand out for their excellence in their field of activity, and whom have distinguished themselves both for the quality of their products and their success in exporting them around the world. The Leonardo Committee has recognized the entrepreneurial ability, the creativity, elegance and tradition reflected in all of Fiam’s products, hence deciding to assign such a prestigious award to the company and to appoint it “Ambassador of Italy’s image worldwide” for its internationally recognized value and for…

Discover Phantom by Fiam

Phantom by Fiam

Fiam Phantom mirror, presented during the 2015 Salone del Mobile, comes from the creative genius of the artist and master of light Helidon Xhixha and from the world-famous architects Dante O. Benini and Luca Gonzo.  Artist Helidon Xhixha has an innate interest in the relationship between his preferred material stainless steel and light, stating that “I do not sculpt materials, I use materials to sculpt light”. The wall mirror consists of the marriage of the flat half which represents ‘the reality’ and a half composed by molten glass that returns a deformed and always changed image of the surrounding environment. The glass meets the preciousness of silver to become an elegant jewel of light. Phantom embodies in itself…

Reflex by Sedit

Reflex and Reflex Bench by Sedit

Reflex is a stunning combination of glass and wood to produce a dining table and bench seating that appears to float in mid-air. The chunky table top is made from wood with a choice of high quality veneers. The thick glass legs add an air of modernity and elevate Reflex into a luxurious product that is fit to grace the highest specification of restaurants and at the same time satisfy the most discerning of home owners.   Click on the links below for more details:   Reflex Reflex Bench  

Kayo by Fiam

Kayo by Fiam

Kayo is the latest piece of stunning contemporary furniture presented by Fiam, suppliers of beautiful glass furniture for over 40 years. Kayo has the trademark purity, class and elegance expected from all Fiam products…a clarity of design that is sure to make it an iconic dining table among both private and commercial clients. The key to this table is the innovative mechanism that allows the extension leaf to swivel out from beneath the table top and flip over into place. This dramatic piece of theater not only adds to the wow factor of this table but also succeeds in further highlighting the quality of the glass and the way in which the table has been…

Lapsus from Tonelli

Lapsus by Tonelli

Lapsus is a new extending dining table by designers Arrighi e Nisco for Tonelli Design. The outstanding feature of this new table is all new extension mechanism, easy to use and with an elegant feel. The video below shows the extending mechanism in action: The design of the table itself bears Tonelli’s trademark simplicity and faith in the quality and integrity of the raw materials used. Click on the link below for more product details:   Lapsus  

Swing Oval by Viva Modern

Swing Oval by Viva Modern

Swing Oval is a stunning coffee table with a mechanism that rotates and extends the glass table tops. The video below shows the mechanism in action:   Click on the link below for more details:   Swing Oval

Swing Square by Viva Modern


Swing Square is a stunning coffee table with a mechanism that rotates and extends the glass table tops. The video below shows the mechanism in action: Click on the link below for more details:   Swing Square  

Decapo by Miniforms

Decapo from Miniforms

Decapo is a versatile modern dining table available in fixed and extending sizes, with more than a slight nod to Scandinavian living in its minimalist form. The rounded wooden legs have a real classical feel, yet when paired with the sleek glass top (black or white) the result is a stunning contemporary dining table, simple in design and practical to use. Click on the link below for more images and information:   Decapo    

Acco by Miniforms

Acco Oval by Miniforms

The new Acco range from Miniforms is characterized by an artistic and sculptural base made from solid walnut. This base appears to be slender and elegant whilst providing great structural strength. This base design is used alongside simple transparent glass to create dining tables and coffee tables/end tables of different sizes. The dining table can have 1 base and a round top or 2 bases and a rectangular top, the coffee table/end table has 1 base and a round top. Click on the links below for more images and full product information:   Acco (coffee tables) Acco Dining Acco Oval  

Olivia by TemaHome

Olivia Dining Table by TemaHome

The Olivia range of furniture brings a real sense of calmness and modernity to the contemporary home. Each product in the range shares the core principles of clean definite lines and the harmonious juxtaposition of distinctive materials, in this case wood and glass. The design is simple without being conservative, a philosophy that lends the Olivia range to being at home in any setting. Click on the links below for more details:   Olivia Coffee Olivia Console Olivia Dining Table Olivia End Table Olivia TV

Tratto Table by Rossetto

Tratto Table by Rossetto

The Tratto Table by Rossetto is an interesting and characterful dining table in more ways than one. The wooden base has an innovative asymmetrical shape that is visually stunning and a geometric design that is both eye-catching and alluring. The contrast between this vividly striking base and the plain, simple glass top creates something special with a contemporary look in a timeless kind of way. The geometric design used on the table base is replicated on Tratto Buffet – a sideboard from Rossetto to compliment Tratto Table. You can find more details on both products by clicking on the links below:   Tratto Buffet Tratto Table    

Box by Ozzio

Box by Ozzio

Box by Ozzio is an amazing transformable table, serving the function of both a coffee table and dining table thanks to a clever mechanism and central extension leaf. The table is available with a stone top and extension, a wooden top and extension, or a glass top with central melamine extension. Click on the links below for more information, the video shows the ease of the transformation from coffee table to dining table and back again. Box T110 Box Legno T111  

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